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Martial Arts for Adults

Martial Arts for Adults - Health Benefits and Advantages
written by: Master McCorry

In the rushed lifestyle of today, age starts taking its toll on you once
you are past thirty. This shows up most easily and quickly in your health.
Today’s youth starts complaining of joint aches, tiredness, lifestyle
diseases and obesity around the time they reach their late thirties. Again,
the lifestyle puts its own pressure on the adult mind as well. According to
Statistic Brain, 77 percent of US adults report stress and subsequent
physical problems such as lack of sleep, dizziness and pressure variation.
Once you become an adult, it is necessary to attend to your health – both
physical and mental – and try to improve your lifestyle accordingly. Among
the different methods to enhance health, martial arts always stands out.

Health Benefits for Adults – The Martial Art Way
There was a time when martial arts were considered to be a mere sport and entertainment, but today’s health experts are aware of the remarkable impact that martial arts can leave on your health. Practicing any martial art can give you the following benefits: 1. Strength and Fitness of your Body Martial arts are proven to enhance the strength of muscular and skeletal systems. It can burn unwanted fat from your body and realign remaining fat to those parts of body where it is needed for metabolism. This will make you fitter, and in the course of time, physically stronger. Martial arts is a good solution to those who want to combat obesity. 2. Get Rid of Non-Communicable Diseases By non-communicable diseases, we mean diseases caused more or less by lifestyle and which are not contagious. This group contains some of the villains of the modern man, including diabetes, cholesterol, low and high blood pressure and thyroid. Martial arts can prevent these diseases to an extent. Cardiovascular moves will fight cholesterol. Exercise, in general, can help to reduce diabetes-like diseases. 3. Keep Stress Away Martial arts combine meditation-like philosophies and practices to physical moves. Non-contact martial arts like yoga are scientifically proven to reduce stress. Even the more physical ones like karate and kickboxing can positively direct your internal energy. Once stress is off your mind, naturally, accompanying problems like sleeplessness and dizziness too go away. 4. Coordination and Flexibility Every other moment we see adults complaining that they can’t pick up things from floor, climb stairs, walk fast and so on. Through martial arts, you will regain your adolescent flexibility and suppleness of your body. It will also improve faculties like coordination, balance and quickness. 5. Rejuvenation How to regain youthful energy is a much debated topic among anti-ageing campaigners. Very few of them realize that martial arts can actually make a change. A study by British Sports Medicine Journal speaks of how martial art learners could do two times the number of sit ups that a non-learner could do. Martial arts can make you fresher, stronger and livelier.

Get the Best at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Art for Adults
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