Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Single Parenting and Martial Arts

Overcome the Challenges of Single Parenting through Martial Arts 
written by: Master McCorry

In one of their surveys, the Children’s Defense Fund points out that one
out of every two children in the United States have lived with a single parent sometime or other. When parenting itself is a challenge for many out there, single parenting is even more difficult and demanding. It is made worse by the fact that if parenting goes wrong, children from single parent families suffer more compared to kids from normal background. According to the shocking data compiled by Rainbows, an organization for kids from dysfunctional families, 75% of drug-dependent adolescents and 50% of youth associated with anti-social activities hail from single parent families. Single Parenting: The Major Challenges The difficulties are manifold and challenging to someone who has to raise their kids alone. Emotional stability of the home affects a child’s emotional temperament. Around 20% kids with single parents face emotional turmoil and behavioral problems.

Children who grow up watching unstable relationships often tend to be
skeptic and unsuccessful in their future relationships. Children with single parents often withdraw themselves to introversion or exhibit angry meltdowns and temper. Often such kids would have to be left alone and unsupervised at home as most single parents are working parents. Such kids may resort to television, social media or similar time-consuming and addictive forms of entertainment to pass time. Single parents often become stressed when they have to cope with more tasks than they can handle. Parent-children relationships also suffer in such families, mainly because the parent doesn't get enough time to spend with the child. Why a Single Parent Needs Martial Arts? If you are a single parent, martial arts can be a solution that will bring change to your life as well as your child’s. Several martial art courses allow parents to take classes along with their children, which is beneficial to single parent families. Martial arts can help single parenting in many ways:
Martial art learners imbibe confidence, maturity and strength of mind.
They tend to be better at managing relationships and dealing with crisis.
Martial arts can wipe out stress and instill positive behavior in children.
It will bring them out of their shell if they are shy, it will teach them
to control their temper as well. A trustworthy martial art center is a fine
alternative that will save you from having to leave your child unsupervised
at home. When kids channelize their energy to martial arts, there are fewer
chances that they will rely on trivial entertainment or anti-social
behavior. Single parents can learn to cope with stress and handle
situations better through martial arts. At combined classes, single parents
will get to spend time with their kids and this is a good way to create a
deep bond and stronger relationship.

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