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Kung Fu Classes Peabody Ma

A Look at the History and Advantages of Kung Fu
written by: Michael Fulcher

Before learning martial arts, people tend to be concerned whether 
martial arts will desensitize them to violence. Though all martial arts 
involve physical moves that may look aggressive, the basic philosophy 
beneath each art propagates peace and tranquility. If you still have 
apprehensions, Kung Fu is your solution – a unique martial art from 
China with its core tenets based on the virtues of defense and peace 
rather than aggression and violence.

Kung Fu through a Historical Perspective
Also known by the names of Wushu or Gongfu, Kung Fu is a Chinese 
fighting style that acquired popularity all over the world. It is ironic 
that a martial art which stresses peaceful philosophy at present was 
born out of the incessant battles that the ancient Chinese had to 
contend with. But even then, the emphasis was to self-defend rather than 
victory and aggression.

The proper origins can be traced to King Huang-Di of the Xia Dynasty of 
China who is supposed to have introduced the art form to his country. 
Since then, Kung Fu had remained an inevitable component of the defense 
strategies of dynasties that followed, most significantly the Shang, 
Zhou, Qin, Han and Song dynasties. Over these ages, Kung Fu acquired a 
philosophical aura which expanded its horizons beyond self-defense and 

A monumental event in the growth of the philosophical doctrine of Kung 
Fu was the establishment of Shaolin style. Ancient forms of Kung Fu were 
already practiced in the Shaolin Temple, a Chinese Buddhist monastery 
since the 16th century itself. A southern Buddhist monk, Bodhidharma 
shaped it to the renowned Shaolin style in circa 720 CE. Introduction of 
the philosophical dimension established Kung Fu as a sought-after 
martial art in China. In the modern era, when the value of martial arts 
started being recognized in general, Kung Fu got the status of a 
universally accepted and preferred martial art, and aspirants started 
flocking to learn Kung Fu.

Learning Kung Fu: The Advantages
What sustains the glory of Kung Fu even after two millenniums since its 
origin? Modern scientific and psychological inquiries have thrown light 
over the remarkable potential of this martial art. The hand-knee 
movements in Kung Fu can tone your body and make you healthier. An 
authentic study by Tsang TW et al shows that Kung Fu can increase bone 
density and enhance aerobic capacity. Kung Fu can also de-stress you and 
help you to face stressful situations in a composed manner. 
Psychotherapists opine that Kung Fu can make you insight-oriented, 
patient and calm (K. K. Wong, 1981). Kung Fu is a healthy and soothing 
retreat, a spiritually rich alternative to the hectic hours you spend in 
your workplace.

Bruce McCorry Kung Fu Instruction

Learning from the Master: Kung Fu Lessons by Bruce McCorry's Martial 
Arts Not every Martial Art academy can proudly state that they are led by a 
man who performed right at the Shaolin Temple, the venerated shrine of 
Kung Fu aspirants. Only the greatest masters get such an opportunity, 
and that is the achievement of SiFu Bruce McCorry, the visionary 
leader of Bruce McCorry's Martial Art Center (Massachusetts). Through 
the Kung Fu lessons, the academy puts before you a golden chance to 
learn the fundamentals of Kung Fu from McCorry and other veteran 
masters. The lessons are open to all regardless of age, and provide you 
with individual attention from teachers who comes up with customized 
teaching methods that suit you.

Bruce McCorry at the Shaolin Temple

Give a new direction to your life through Kung Fu lessons with Bruce 
McCorry and his team!


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