Friday, June 13, 2014

Yoga Alternative - Martial Arts

Martial Arts for the Body, Mind and Soul - An Alternative for Yoga
written by: Master LaRosa

Yoga is widely recognized as a meditation practice that has profound benefits for your physical, mental and spiritual dispositions. It can help you to maintain shape, it can soothe your mind, and it can add a dimension of spirituality to your life. However, Yoga is not everyone’s cup of tea. Practicing Yoga demands intense mental focus and presence of your mind. Yoga is not for those who get distracted easily and who find it difficult to concentrate patiently. Is there anything else that provides the same spiritual, mental and physical benefits as an effective Yoga session? Martial arts is the answer.
Invigorate your Body, Mind and Soul through Martial Arts Martial arts comprises a wide variety of practices, styles and art forms hailing from all corners of the world. The earliest prototypes of martial arts have their origin in the self-defense fighting styles devised by the Asian sages and monks. Today, most regions of the world has some or other martial arts which they can call their own – some of them age-old and some modern. There are martial arts which rely on intense physical movements and contact with opponents. The systems of Karate, Taekwondo and Judo belong to this group. There are also martial arts with their base built on insightful philosophical base. Tai Chi and Qigong styles mingle meditation and breath control with physical movements.
Martial arts can shape and mold your body just like Yoga will do. South Asian martial arts involve quick and energy-oriented physical movements. Brazilian martial arts such as Vale Tudo and Jiu-Jitsu have rhythmical movements. Capoeira involves even dance-like movements. Martial arts not only helps you to tone your body, but it has health benefits as well. It can burn off excess fat and redistribute the remaining fat in your body. Through martial arts, you can keep in check diabetes, cholesterol and chances of cardiac problems. It will stabilize your blood pressure and increase your immunity.
Martial arts are also for your mind. Just like Yoga, many martial arts incorporate breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation. Qigong is such a martial art and so is Tai Chi. They can calm your mind and de-stress you very effectively. Often, doctors prescribe martial arts to those who have to face intense stress at their workplace. Martial arts have helped many people who suffer from post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression to regain the spirit of life. Often, experts exalt the spiritual dimension of Yoga. It is doubtless that Yoga leaves deep spiritual impacts on your life. However, there are many martial arts that can offer the same spiritual benefits of Yoga. Many martial arts have their root in Buddhist and other religious traditions, and though their modern forms are free of religious implications, the age-old traditions of spirituality have been handed over through generations.
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