Friday, June 6, 2014

Self Defense Classes

Summer Self Defense and Martial Arts - Make this Summer Special through
Martial Arts written by: Master McCorry
Summer is the time when children choose to enjoy their holidays and have
fun. It can be a pleasant time, but sadly, it can be dangerous as well. Recent studies of the statistics recorded by police forces notes that aggression and crimes increase by 8 percentage among teenagers and children during the summer months. One reason for the increased crime rates is that teenagers and children have on their hand all the time they want. Science gives testimony to the fact that heat and humidity tend to boost aggression as well. When children spend their time alone and unsupervised, their detours can lead them to troubles and dangers.
Summer time poses many threats for kids. Studies show that more cases of abductions, bullying, alcoholic and drug abuses and rash driving are being reported during summer months. Many of them involve children and teenagers. Most often, kids do not become a part of it willingly, but they are forced to. Moreover, many such crimes take place in places where immediate help from others or police is not available. Instances of such crimes and dangers can be considerably reduced if children are trained to defend themselves at a moment of emergency. It's always useful for children to learn some effective self defense skills like martial arts. How Can Summer Martial Arts be an Alternative? Learning martial arts will equip your children to defend themselves if they get trapped in a dangerous situation. On one hand, martial arts make children stronger; on the other hand it quickens their decision making and quick reaction skills. It will prepare your child to be on alert always, recognize danger quickly, and act against it immediately. Martial arts classes in the summer is effective in another way as well. Martial arts classes provide a platform where your child can engage in fun activities. They will remain safe, supervised and engaged in their summer course, which means that there are fewer chances for them to be drawn towards danger. Knowledge of martial arts can make sure that your child gets to enjoy his/her vacation time without worrying about threats and dangers. It is for parents too… Whatever be the dangers of summer, it is also the most enjoyable season of the year for both you and your kids. It is the time when you might want to get in good shape and prepare yourself for the parties and picnics and beaches. Martial arts can help all those parents who want to be the proud owner of a fit and toned body. It is not only for your kids, but you too! Open-for-all Summer Martial Arts Program at Bruce McCorry’s Academy Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts at Peabody (MA) offers a unique and fun summer martial arts program, open to both adults and kids. The academy is one of the chief martial arts institutions around, and the summer program is noted for its quality instruction. The Bruce McCorry’s classes are not merely a fun pastime, but a space where you can be with your children and make their summer special and safe for them. It also gives a professional introduction to the basics of martial arts and to the highest degree levels. Bruce McCorry’s is where your kids will have the most memorable summer of their lives – and you too. Make this Summer Special through Martial Arts! Hurry now and sign up today for you and your family! Visit today at or call for a free trial at (978) 535-7878

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