Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Martial Arts An Alternative for Boutique Gyms

Martial Arts Schools – A Better Alternative for Boutique Gyms written
by: Sandra LaRosa
Boutique gyms, a recent addition to the buzz of the day, are being heralded as the ultimate combo of fitness and aesthetics – an innovation hailed as an alternative to traditional gyms. The advocates of boutique gyms uphold them as a not-seen-before revolution in the fitness world. However, before jumping into the bandwagon, it is important to know that for years, the martial art schools around us have offered the same benefits as boutique gyms, in a more customized manner. Can martial arts be a better option in the face of the boutique gym frenzy?
Boutique Gyms and Martial Art Centers: A Comparison
Also called microgyms or bespoke gyms, a boutique gym is a miniature deluxe version of the traditional gym that focuses on a single fitness method such as Yoga or Spin. Proponents of these fitness studios highlight the following advantages:

-Unlike a traditional gym that mixes up many fitness styles, boutique gyms give us a chance to focus on a single fitness method such as Taekwondo or Kung-Fu.
-They offer an opportunity to choose a milder alternative for those who do not like the tough fitness training of fitness clubs.
-They blend athletics with peaceful martial arts like Tai-Chi
-Since they are smaller in terms of number of participants, bespoke gyms create a chance for like-minded people to bond and have fun. This also means more individual attention to participants.
-They charge almost the same fees as large fitness centers.

Since many of these highlights are put forward as unprecedented, it would be interesting to note how martial art schools have been offering the same (or even better) benefits for decades:

-Martial arts schools not only offer a chance to focus on a single training method, but also have a wide variety of such methods to choose from. You can pick anything from Taekwondo to Tai Chi, Kung-Fu and  Kickboxing, and you get to devote your attention to that particular art fully.

-In martial art schools, if you prefer lighter and milder arts like Tai Chi, you can go for them. If you prefer tougher and challenging varieties, you can choose those like Karate and Kickboxing
-While boutique gyms claim that the fusion of athletics and martial arts is an innovation, martial art schools have been doing it for decades. They give you better fitness results than a boutique gym. According to research, an hour of martial arts can burn 800 calories or more - you can lose pounds within just a few sessions.

-Just like a bespoke gym, martial arts schools give you a smaller and intimate space where you can be friends with people who have the same interest and belong to similar age groups.

-Martial art centers give individual attention and professional care. Your martial arts teachers are not just trainers with a certificate, but veterans who had been in their field for years. At a good center, your masters can guide and mentor you to professional perfection.
-Martial arts schools are economic than fitness centers.
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