Friday, July 25, 2014

Back-to-School with Martial Arts

Preparing Kids for Back to School
written by: Master McCorry
At the outset of a new school year, the usual worries start bothering parents. Every parent gets engaged in the normal back-to-school tasks from buying new schoolbooks and getting new clothes to arranging the transportation. If you are a working parent, there is something else to think of – finding an afterschool care program for your child. Among all these, however, the biggest challenge is preparing your child for school. Though many parents do not give it much of a thought, it is very important that your child should have some training that will prepare him/her for school, physically and mentally. Back-to-School Worries: The Problems Children Face in School Why is it important to prepare your child for school? Because, just like you have your own school-reopening concerns as a parent, children have their own problems to deal with. Child welfare reports have started speaking more and more about how school isn't an easy place to deal with as it used to be.

Most of these reports highlight some major concerns in common. To begin with, there is the increased stress of studies. The demands of competition are high, and naturally the kids are being pressurized. Though it may not be the case in every school, bullying too is a burden for the children. It often takes the form of cyber bullying. This does even more damage, because victims are aware of the larger audience which the bullying messages and pictures can reach.
\Apart from these factors that cause mental stress and anxiety, there are physical difficulties as well. Just think of the kids you know who come home tired and exhausted from school! Kids are often picky eaters; sometimes they even skip breakfast hurrying to school. When this is combined with the tough physical activities in school, many kids cannot take it. All these point out to the fact that kids need preparation for school.
Preparing Your Child for School – How Martial Arts can Help Preparing does not necessarily mean lecturing your child on do's and don'ts or even giving them encouraging pep talks. All these are fine, but children need something more solid, something that can equip them to deal with the pressures of student life effectively. Martial arts is a good option. Martial arts can make children healthier and stronger. It can help kids to remain energetic even at the end of the day. Coupled with the physical benefits, martial arts have mental advantages as well. It can make children self-confident, self-assured, calm and bold. It can prepare children to manage problems like peer pressure and bullying all by themselves. Martial arts can also boost time-managing skills and memory. Naturally, the study stress will come down and grades will improve.
AMP at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
If your child has a tight school schedule, the best option is to put away the afterschool hours for martial arts. There are many devoted institutions like the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) that offer good after school programs. The course at Bruce McCorry’s blends professional martial arts with many other entertaining activities. After school Martial Arts Program (AMP) can offer your child safe afterschool care, a fun relaxation after studies and a sound preparation for school and afterschool once it begins. 

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