Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Core Staff of Martial Arts Professionals

Bruce McCorry’s Center for Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) has been around the corner for more than forty years. The wealth of experienced and dedicated teachers is one of the factors that helped in uplifting Bruce McCorry’s Academy to the rank of a key martial arts institution in Massachusetts. All the instructors at Bruce McCorry’s are people who share an ardent and lifelong relationship with martial arts.
A Life for Martial Arts: Master Bruce McCorry: Master McCorry has dedicated four decades of his life to the learning, teaching and propagation of various martial arts. His specializations are Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Moo Duk Kwon. He has learnt martial arts from veteran masters like Chan Poi and Jhoon Ree. He was a member of the first ever Kung Fu Troup to have the honor of performing at the Shaolin Temple, as well as a renowned name in the Hall of Fame for Martial Arts.
Sandra LaRosa: A Story of Courage Since 1980s, Sandra LaRosa is a relentless practitioner of Taekwondo. Her amazing willpower and strict martial arts practice have helped her to overcome health-related hurdles. With the support of her passion, she returned to life and martial arts with a renewed vigor. She's been an instructor at the academy since 1990s.
Bruce McCorry’s Academy staff also include a very powerful team of professionals with an experience from 15 to 25 years. Among them, we have Chris Szeto, Chris entered the field of Taekwondo in 1989. He has been associated with martial arts for the past 25 years, and has 14 years of experience as a teacher. Jonathan Ring has an experience of 15 years of learning Taekwondo and is a Taekwondo instructor since 1997. A former student of Taekwondo and Cardio Kickboxing at Bruce McCorry’s Academy itself, Christine Arsenault began her life with martial arts in late 1990s. This team of vigorous young teachers also include Jake Alman, Ashly Deprisco, Devin Obrian, Alyssa Shriner, Amanda Prather and Chris Ortins. Each having
over 15 plus years of experience. All these knowledgeable instructors form the core staff team of the academy and there are more to come.
Martial arts under ProfessionalsThe Strength of Bruce McCorry’s Academy: All the martial arts instructors at Bruce McCorry’s academy have an experience of more than fifteen years in the arts they chose to specialize in. This strength of experience and tradition is what makes the academy a unique choice for learning martial arts. These instructors had been in martial arts since their childhood. They have caused Bruce McCorry’s Academy to stand apart among the influx of new martial arts schools that rely upon newer and inexperienced entrants as instructors. These qualified instructors are also testimony to the fact that martial arts could open new vistas of opportunities to passionate learners. The admission to various courses is open; now it is your chance to try out the academy under such super instructors!

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