Friday, July 11, 2014

Stay Motivated with Martial Arts

Not Losing the Zeal: How to Stay Motivated with Martial Arts
written by: Master McCorry
Even though the number of martial arts learners is on a steady increase 
since the last decade, it is equally true that a section of the newbies 
does not stay in martial arts for long. Virtue Science, the science 
portal, points out that the dropout percentage is the highest during the 
first hundred days since enrolling. This is ironic, because most of the 
dropouts are people who have researched the benefits of martial arts, 
they are fully aware of its amazing positives. Why are they unable to go 
on, then? The reason is the inability to stay motivated. However, 
staying motivated with martial arts is not really that difficult, if you 
have the will.

Getting to Know Motivation
By motivation, a psychologist means the desire to do something. There 
are two sets of factors that can motivate you to do things. If you are 
extrinsically motivated, it means that outside factors propel you to do 
the particular activity. The rewards you will get for doing something 
and the punishment you get for not doing it are examples. On the other 
hand, intrinsic motivation occurs when internal factors cause you to do 
something. If you do something because you love it, you are 
intrinsically motivated.

Motivation and Martial Arts
If you are into martial arts, there is no need to tell you of its 
benefits or its amazing potential. Still, some find it difficult to 
remain motivated in martial arts. The discouraging factors, in most 
cases, are laziness or the fear of failure. How can we overcome these 
Blending the External and the Internal: If you have no intrinsic 
interest to begin with, no rewards can prompt you to stay motivated. In 
the same way, if all you have is a desire to learn and it gives no 
benefits or rewards, you will lose motivation. The latter never happens 
with martial arts, because even if material rewards like belts and 
levels may not be there, you will get benefits like health and fitness. 
So you have to cultivate an internal interest in martial arts, and 
choose a benefitting martial arts program.

Set a Goal for Yourself: More than just practicing, you need to set 
yourself a time-bound goal to be achieved. This martial art goal has to 
be high as well as practical. A low goal will be easily achieved and 
forgotten, whereas an impractical goal would discourage you. Once you 
set the goal, you can chart out a clear plan to achieve it. This will 
help motivation and keep you commited.

Loving What You Do: Once you start practicing martial arts, note down 
its positive aspects. You can keep a note of your lost weight, increased 
physical ability and so on. Try martial arts for the fun of it. Enjoying 
what you do will help you to stay motivated than anything else.

The Right Atmosphere: Where you learn martial arts is as important as 
how you learn it. Instead of boring self-lessons aided by videos, you 
can go for good martial arts centers where you can interact and compare 
your progress with others. Once you make friends and start practicing 
under professionals, you will take martial arts seriously and start 
enjoying it.
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