Thursday, July 3, 2014

Top Choice in Martial Arts

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - The Top choice
written by: Michael Fulcher
We often come across newspaper columns and television shows that advocate martial arts as the potential solution to the worries of the 21st century life. Experts uphold martial arts as a fitness method, stress-buster, confidence booster and a self-defense option. The applications of martial arts in daily life range from a fun pastime to a professional career option. It is not a surprise that the number of those who want to learn martial arts is on a constant rise since the 90s. Before imagining yourselves as a martial artist, there are one or two things that you should know. The importance of choosing a good professional center is one among them.
The Importance of a Professional Center With the unbelievable rise in the popularity of martial arts, martial art classes are springing up everywhere. Many of them do not have expert teachers to back the offered programs. Very few martial art centers offer programs that are professional, scientific and customized. Learning martial arts in such non-professional centers can make no difference to your life. It cannot help you to achieve your martial art end - whether it is fitness, self-defense or self confidence. That is why you need dedicated martial art institutions that offer reliable courses.
Going With the Best – Bruce McCorry’s Academy Bruce McCorry’s Academy is a unique name among the professional martial arts centers in Massachusetts. Established in 1978, Bruce McCorry’s academy is one of the martial art institutions with the longest experience in the field. Some of the highlights of the academy are the following: * Bruce McCorry’s offers a mix of versatile courses, and you have twelve different courses to choose from. There are programs such as Tai Chi and Taekwondo as well as more challenging courses like Kung-Fu, XMA and MMA to name a few. * There are no age bars in Bruce McCorry’s. Some programs like the Afterschool Programs are children-oriented and Summer Programs geared to both children and adults. However, the rest of the courses are open to everyone, and you can even join with your family. * At Bruce McCorry’s, there is a veteran team of masters who are the backbone of different courses. At the helm, there is Master Bruce McCorry who has devoted four decades to the learning and propagation of martial arts. Having performed at the Shaolin Temple, Master McCorry is a world-renowned name who was honored with a place in the Hall of Fame for Martial Arts. The other teachers also have about a combined twenty-five years of experience in their respective arts. * A powerful team of supervisors backs the teachers, and they ensure safety in the classes, especially in kids’ courses * Teachers and class supervisors give particular attention to each student. They adapt the martial arts to suit personal needs and capabilities. * The Academy has a free introductory course that will guide you along the basics of martial art before you can decide on the art you want to learn

Bruce McCorry’s academy is not just an institution to teach martial arts, it is the result of a visionary ideal to propagate martial arts and make its benefits reach out to people. More than the profits, what drives Bruce McCorry’s academy is a desire to make people aware of the significance and benefits of martial arts and pass on the knowledge of martial arts to the generations to come. 
To experience real martial arts with a vision, you can 
come to Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy – the top choice in martial arts.

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