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Kung Fu: Origin, History and Benefits

Kung Fu: Origin, History and Benefits
written by: Master McCorry

How Kung Fu Came into Being
Though Kung Fu has become popular throughout the world, it is a martial art that keeps the essence of Chinese tradition at its core. As defense techniques, Chinese martial arts took birth during the ancient quasi-legendary Xia dynasty under the reign of mythical King Huang Di, who promoted them as an essential skill to be used in battles. Many of the rulers who followed kept these combat techniques as a core strategy in their defense planning. During the reign of the Ming and Qing dynasties, these rudimentary Chinese arts got consolidated to a somewhat modern form called Wushu, also known as Kung Fu.
Throughout the centuries, these arts imbibed the Chinese philosophies, traditions and religious heritage, which led to their expansion beyond the original aim of defense. Kung Fu, in its modernized form, developed a philosophical base of its own. There was also focus on the peaceful aspects of the art, and a subsequent reduction in the aggressive defense aspects. Elementary forms of Kung Fu were taught since its origins in Shaolin Temple, a famous Buddhist monastery of China. The many forms taught there were refined by a monk named Bodhidharma. The new style became renowned as Shaolin Kung Fu. Gradually Kung Fu started becoming popular and numerous branches, sub-branches and styles developed with subtle differences.

Bruce McCorry at the Shaolin Temple
Learning Kung Fu: The Benefits Today, Kung Fu is one of the most admired martial arts of the world. It has found aspirants, learners and teachers all over the globe. This journey of Kung Fu from the status of a combat technique to a globally-loved martial art is not without reasons. There are many reasons why new learners are attracted to Kung Fu.
· Kung Fu for Fitness: Kung Fu burns off calories faster than many other workouts. It can give you a toned and fit body as it redistributes accumulated fat to where the body needs it.

· Kung Fu for Health: Kung Fu reduces the chance of lifestyle diseases. It boosts overall health by improving blood circulation, cardiac health and immunity.

· Kung Fu for Defense: Though it is not as defense-oriented as it used to be, Kung Fu can still help you out of a danger. You can protect yourselves by learning new moves as well as enhancing physical strength.

· Kung Fu for Self-Esteem: Martial arts in general, and Kung Fu in particular, have been proven to increase self-confidence and self-worth.

· Kung Fu for a Calm Life: Kung Fu reduces stress and does the benefit of a meditation. You can use Kung Fu to sooth yourself and prepare for another day effectively.
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