Friday, August 1, 2014

Self-Defense to Prevent Bullying

Self-Defense to Prevent Bullying: The Martial Arts Way
written by: Master McCorry
On the eve of 31st July, the Twitter users around the world were amused to see 'Tomorrow is August' trending. It turned out to be a trend made up of the tweets of schoolchildren worldwide, who realized that school was just a month away. Apart from the usual complaints and jokes on Twitter, it sadly points out how our children have started dreading school. If we think about it, this does not come as a surprise. Unlike the old times, it is not only the summer homework and exams that make children dread school.
The most recent statistics in the United States shows that the percentage of bullying incidents reported in 2014 was 83% and 79% in girls and boys respectively. This includes both 'real life bullying' as well as the newer and more destructive cyber bullying. This report by the Health and Human Service Department (DHHS) is not a happy read for the parents who are getting ready to send their children to school in a month. It shows how important it is to teach children to defend themselves.
An Easy-to-Master Self Defense: Martial Arts There are many benefits of learning martial arts, including health, immunity and mental development. Beyond all that, martial arts is the best self-defense training. It can be used to combat bullying. Defending oneself from bullying does not just mean being physically stronger. Of course, martial arts make children stronger. More than that, martial arts gives them the self-confidence and courage to stand up for themselves and their friends. It is proven by psychologists that martial arts can encourage positive feelings like self-esteem, courage and optimism. When kids have these qualities along with the basic physical skill for self-defense, no one can take advantage of them.
Eventually, bullying is not just the one challenge that awaits children at school. There are many of them – peer pressure, stress from class work, competitive atmosphere and exhausting school hours. Martial arts can aid children in surpassing each of these hurdles. It can help them to assert themselves positively and work without stress. Martial arts can also prevent the usual teenage worries including the concerns of growing up. Afterschool Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool martial arts lessons are a fitting and practical way to learn martial arts. It is suitable because it does not take up the precious weekend time of children. It is practical, because afterschool hours are the right time for children to engage in something relaxing and stress-busting. An hour of martial arts will refresh them after their school.
The Afterschool Martial Arts Program (AMP) is a notable venture by the Bruce McCorry’s academy. With a structured syllabus that is nationally recognized, AMP is a good alternative for the common afterschool care systems. Children can learn something unique, and their thought process will broaden as a result of the interaction with seniors and instructors. Bruce McCorry's offers transport facility from the school to the Bruce McCorry’s campus, which is an added benefit. In Bruce McCorry’s afterschool program, the teachers target the comprehensive development of the health and character of the child. Admissions are now open to the program, with a new syllabus refined by experts. 

Learn martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s and learn how to stand up to bullying with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Afterschool Program as well as all their other martial art programs tailored to both children and adults.

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