Friday, September 26, 2014

How Karate Makes Better Students

Karate Kids - How Karate Makes Better Students
written by: Master McCorry
Psychologists have come to agree that a child’s performance in studies more or less depends upon psychological factors like intellectual quotient, memory and so on. These faculties differ from person to person since most of them are the products of either one’s genetic disposition or the situations in which one grow up. In the wake of this knowledge, it is important to think whether any external factor at all can make a difference to a child’s performance in school. Nothing can alter a person’s genetic disposition. So, even if an external factor can influence a child’s grades, it will have to enhance a person’s memory and intellect through external circumstances. Martial arts, especially Karate, is one such external training method that can enhance a child’s intellectual faculties and make him/her excel in the classroom. How Karate Kids are Born: The Link between Karate and Studies Training in Karate influences the human mind in different ways and enhances its capabilities. This will eventually help in making our children better students and better human beings. On one hand, increased physical strength will help them to spend more time for studies without being tired. Apart from that, Karate also helps in the following aspects of studies:
Reasoning, Thinking and Focus: Physical moves in Karate can develop the qualities of concentration, quick thinking, reasoning and spontaneous responses in a child. Concentration helps a child to focus more in studies and reduces the chances of distraction. Thinking, reasoning and quick response helps them in subjects like mathematics and physical sciences which demand these skills. Karate improves memory as well. Confidence: Those times are gone when memorizing could fetch your grades in classrooms. The modern educational system assesses the potential of a child throughout the term through various methods. By learning Karate, a child develops not only the critical thinking ability to arrive at one’s own opinions but also the confidence to articulate this without fearing failure or criticism. This is possible because Karate can foster self esteem in your child.
Dealing with Stress: Schoolwork often creates situations in which children are forced to work under pressure. These circumstances may come from time constraint, competitive atmosphere, the demand for perfection or even highly demanding systems like relative grading. Karate imparts to a child the courage and determination to work under stress and still come up with the best results. Performance beyond Schoolbooks: Studies are no more confined to schoolbooks. Extracurricular activities like sports and arts are counted among the achievements of children. These activities can open up chances of higher studies for your child. Karate comes to help here as well. Enhanced physical and mental potential can help your child to excel in sports and arts.
Unique Children’s Karate Classes: Bruce McCorry’s Academy Any martial art lesson becomes unique when the strength of traditional martial arts joins hands with innovative outlooks. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) is one of those academies where the essence of traditional Karate blends with the innovative approach of professional martial arts. Here, children have many options to choose from. At Bruce McCorry’s they can also learn Karate in afterschool hours in such a way that it does not come to conflict with their school hours. Bruce McCorry’s Karate classes have many other benefits like a specially designed curriculum, effective teaching methodology and a dedicated team of teachers. Make the choice today!

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