Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to Deal with Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts - Your Ultimate Anti-Bullying Advocate!
written by: Master McCorry
In 2006, when the PACER’s Bullying Prevention Center declared October as the month for National Bullying Prevention, it was an attempt by some insightful minds to recognize the threat bullying poses to safety of childhood. Since then, the national anti-bullying campaign has remained alive. However, despite awareness campaigns and prevention programs since then, it hasn’t yet been possible to bring about a complete prevention of this danger. This is partly because of the fact that total prevention of a deep-rooted problem like bullying can only be done by those who are immediately involved in it. In spite of the awareness programs and self-help campaigns, ultimately it is the victim who can stand up and put an end to bullying. What can you do if you are faced with such a situation? Here are some ways to deal with bullying. How to Deal with Bullying? 1. Assert Yourself: Mostly, bullies target children who are unassertive. If you are being bullied, it is important for you to assert yourself and let others know that you have a voice. It is important to have the courage to say no when you are forced to do something you don’t like.
2. Make friends: What you need the most when you are bullied is support. Often, kids who find it difficult to make friends become the victims of bullying because the bullies know that the victim will lack the support of others. It is a good thing to make friends in a new class so that your friends will stand up for you when you are in difficult situation. 3. Stand up for Your Friends: One thing to remember is that bullies take advantage of your fear. If there’s only one person to resist bullying, it won’t make much of a difference. But if there are many of you to resist a bully, you will make a difference. So it is a good thing to stand up for your friends if you see them being bullied. 4. Share your Concerns: Victims of bullying may not feel like sharing their problems with others, especially adults. There are many factors that may prevent them: humiliation and fear are some. You need to realize is that if you are being bullied, it is not your fault. Though you may hesitate, intervention from an adult – a parent or a teacher – can put an end to your problems at once. The more you open up to others, the less difficulty you will have to face. 5. Defend yourself: Most of the times, a bully overpowers a victim using physical might rather than assertiveness. Verbally asserting yourself is important, but it is more important to physically defend yourself. If you feel that you are not strong enough, it would be useful to learn some self-defense technique. It can be anything from Karate to Taekwondo. Any fighting sport or martial art will come to your help if you are at a position of disadvantage. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts – Your Anti-Bullying Advocate Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy offers lessons in more than ten useful martial arts. Martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s will teach you how to protect yourself when you have to deal with a bully. Bruce McCorry’s does not tell students to be aggressive toward others. Rather, the academy will teach you how to be confident, defensive and self-assertive when others take advantage of you. Sign up today for Bruce McCorry’s Martial Art lessons – your ultimate anti-bullying advocate. Please spread the word about October being National Bullying Prevention Month.

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