Friday, September 19, 2014

Parents and Martial Arts: Why Parents Love It

Parents and Martial Arts: Why Parents Love It
Written by: Master McCorry
If you ask parents what is their most helpful companion in bringing up a child, their answer may be anything ranging from school to daycare. However, if you ask the same question to the parents of a martial art learner, all of them would give you the same answer – martial arts! More and more parents have started loving martial arts because they have realized that it does more good to their child than any other activity, pastime or hobby put together. What makes martial arts a prized term to so many parents? The answer lies in the unbelievable change that it can bring about in your child.

Parents and Martial Arts: Why Parents Love It Parents love martial arts because it helps them to easily accomplish many tasks which would have been otherwise drained them out. With martial arts, parenting is easier than before. How can it be so? 1. Martial Arts and Health: If you have ever been a parent, you know the effort it takes to keep your children away from illnesses. There are parents who worry before and after each routine visit to a doctor, anxious that children would get sick. Martial arts makes kids healthier, stronger and immune to common diseases. It also gives them enough physical activity that reduces the chances of obesity or lifestyle diseases in future. 2. Studies and Martial Arts: There is nothing that a parent would not do to make sure that children don’t falter in studies. Here also, martial arts comes to their aid. If your child chooses to practice any martial arts at all, it would naturally improve his/her grades. This is so because kids achieve sharpened memory, better capability to retain concepts and the ability to concentrate in studies through martial arts. Increased energy levels is an add-on to all these. 3. Martial Arts for Extra-Curricular Activities: Martial arts is not only for studies. It also aids your child in a number of other fields such as sports, athletics and games because it provides a lot of energy. Martial arts is a good brain-booster and thus helps in the fields of arts, creative thinking and innovation. Once children realize that there is a world beyond their studies in which they have a chance of excelling, they grow up as broadminded and optimistic persons. 4. Self Defense with Martial Arts: Many classroom problems such as bullying, cyber bullying, peer pressure and stress take their told on kids. Parents can do little to help them because children are very hesitant to share such problems with others. We usually see that kids neither stand up for themselves, nor share their problems with anyone who can help them – perhaps a parent or a teacher. Martial arts comes to their help in this as well, since it can make children confident and courageous. Children who learn martial arts develop the capability to manage their problems without fuss. It is a solution to those worries which parents have been dreading for years.
Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy Martial arts is the best asset you can give your children to make them happy and fortify their future life. Bruce McCorry’s Academy offers beneficial martial art lessons for youngsters and adults in many different arts. You too can experience the fulfillment that many other parents have already attained by choosing martial arts for children. Try it today!

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