Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Magic of Manners - The Martial Arts Way

The Magic of Manners - The Martial Arts Way
written by: Master McCorry
It has been a while since we have started lamenting the devaluing of etiquette and manners in the present society. It is true that the 21st century mindset, driven by the thoughts of individual prosperity and money, has started giving less importance to our duties toward society as a whole. Whatever excuses we may make, we need to acknowledge that our popular culture and widely altered value concepts influence us. Movies, internet and social media have desensitized our minds to violence, rudeness and lack of mutual respect. This is ironic because, on one hand humanity is making leaps of progress by abandoning redundant concepts like discrimination and gender oppression , whereas, on the other hand we are forgetting those values which are important in our daily lives: those of proper behavior, mutual respect, consideration and friendliness. Why Do We Need to Be Bothered? If we think of what we see before us every day, it will tell us why we need to be bothered. Despite the attempts to mask offensive language in popular media, the usage of strong language has become rampant, and often it is used to hurt the sentiments of marginalized people. Though we value the concept of respect, there is a general increase in abusive behavior and violence against vulnerable sections of society. We teach our children to esteem elders, protect women and be more sympathetic to the disadvantaged. Yet, in today’s world, women are less safe, the disadvantaged are more vulnerable, and old age is a less happy place. Relationships are easily strained and broken because people don’t realize it when they hurt the sentiments of others. We need to be bothered because only through the values of proper behavior, manners and etiquette can we make the world a better place tomorrow.
The Magic of Manners – The Martial Arts Way The easiest way to change a society is to instill good values in youngsters. If you want your child to grow up admiring good manners, proper etiquette and respectful behavior, martial arts is a good way to teach these values. Psychologists have noted that those who learn martial arts tend to be more careful of the sentiments of others. How can martial arts change a person by changing his/her manners? Every martial art has a doctrine beneath it which is built upon values of mutual consideration. In the case of children, martial arts can teach them principles which will help them to grow up as good persons. They will learn through martial arts to obey elders, be more considerate toward those who need help and behave properly. Martial arts can change the life of adults as well. It's proven that martial art learners err less in relationships, sustain relationships better and fulfill their social duties more effectively. This happens because their art has taught them how to behave in a way that would not hurt others.
If this is what you wish for your children, then you should lead him/her to the world of martial arts. Institutions like Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) offer martial arts lessons for children and adults with a view to instill good manners in them. It is in your hand to make a successful person out of your child through martial arts. It is also not too late to change your own life. Do it today!

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