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Why an After School Program is Important

Why an After School Program is Important
written by: Master McCorry
Studies show that there is an unbelievable increase in the number of working parents since the recent economic depression. When more and more parents forsake their stay-at-home status for better living conditions, they have a number of challenges to deal with, especially concerning their children. Many parents have started seeking out after school programs. However, there are some who are still not convinced of the importance of after school programs in a child’s life. Many parents hesitate because they believe that any activity after school will be too much for a child after dreary school hours. Why is an after school course so important after all? Dangers of Leaving Kids Unsupervised If there is no one to watch over the kids, the after school hours can prove the most risky time during a day. Leaving smaller kids alone at home is like inviting danger without reason. Child Alert, an organization dedicated to child safety, has come up with a detailed study on why children under 10 years of age should not be left alone at home as the chances of danger from falling, fire, water and poisoning are more among home-alone kids.
In the case of older children and teenagers, the danger is of a more damaging kind. William Gladden Foundation, a child-help organization based in Florida, shows how kids who spent after school time unsupervised develop emotional and social consequences. Most of the kids who belong to 12 plus age groups choose to roam the streets with friends rather than watch television in their living rooms. Any child may fall to these traps due to peer pressure. As a result, the chances of drug abuse, alcoholism and underage driving are more among the unsupervised children. There is also what the psychologists have started calling the "stranger danger" as more children are made victims by strangers during after school hours.

After School Programs: The Importance
Until a few decades back, stay-at-home parents or grandparents helped in averting these dangers. However, in these changed times, the only solution is an after school program. Whether an after school program will or will not burden a child depends upon the nature of the course. If you pick something like a second language course for your child, it may exhaust him/her. The best after school programs are those which a child can enjoy without much effort, and at the same time, will be useful to them in some way. Martial arts is one such program!

After School Martial Arts
After school time is considered fitting for learning martial arts since martial arts is something that refreshes kids after studies. In school, they work with their mind. Physical activities after school can compensate this and restore their vigor. Martial arts also provides numerous other benefits including enhanced health, better immunity, sharp memory, increased self-confidence and much more.
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) has a one-of-a-kind after school program in martial arts. Here, children get to learn the martial art of their choice in a manner and amount that suits them personally. After school programs at Bruce McCorry’s has additional highlights like nationally-recognized syllabus, transport facility, veteran teachers and a friendly campus atmosphere. After school programs at Bruce McCorry’s will help your child to excel in learning, sports and extra-curricular activities alike. Enroll today!

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