Friday, September 5, 2014

How Martial Arts Helps in Sports

How Martial Arts Helps in Sports and Creates Better Athletes
written by: Master McCorry
If you ask children why they want to be a champion in sports, they will have their own reasons. Being sports champions helps them to be popular in school, to remain fit and healthy, to get a possible position in college and much more. Beyond all this, the reality is that more and more children take up sports just because it is their passion. Being a better athlete or a better sportsman is, for them, a dream come true. Despite their love for sports, many kids fail to achieve their sports dreams either because they doubt their caliber or their talent. Can martial arts help these children?
Martial Arts: A Stepping Stone to Being Better Athletes Any martial artist will vouch for the fact that martial art is an aid to your performance in sports. This is not only in the case of children, but even for adults who wish to build up a career in sports, martial arts may be useful. Here are some instances of how martial arts and sports are bound together in different ways.
1. Enhanced Physical Capability: Many children cannot excel in sports because they are not strong enough, even though they are really passionate. Martial arts gradually enhances physical strength. When it comes to athletics, this enhanced capability will help you to endure longer practice hours, and have an advantage over those who are not as strong as you. 2. Better Reflexes: In many games, reflexes have a great role in determining victory. Reflexes are those quick and spontaneous actions that one makes during a game, which may prove extremely useful. Martial arts like Karate and Tai Chi improve reflexes by teaching you how to make swift, impulsive and explosive reactions even under pressure. 3. Enhanced Reasoning: Many believe that you need reasoning and analytic abilities only for intellect-based games like chess. The reality is that you may have to apply reasoning in every single sport to scheme out and understand strategies. Even in athletics, especially in long-distance ones, it is important to analyze the task at hand and refine your speed so that you can cover long distances in the shortest time without being tired. Martial arts also involves a lot of calculation and reasoning, which will help you to come up with winning strategies in sports, games and athletics. 4. Building Self-Confidence and Sportsman Spirit: The final and inevitable ingredient in a champion’s success is self-confidence. Self-confidence is not just the courage to face your opponent. It is also faith in your own capability and a will to take even setbacks positively. Only those who master the skill of sportsman spirit can be a champion in any sport. Above everything, the most precious value that martial art teaches you is self-confidence.
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