Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Why Martial Arts to Stop Bullying

How to Handle Bullying: Martial Arts to Help.
written by: Master McCorry
Bullying has remained an incurable threat in our classrooms for years. Despite the attempts by authorities to make the classrooms more student-friendly, bullying has never been totally erased. In older times, it was confined to classrooms, school grounds and dormitories, and could be controlled with a little attention from the part of teachers. However, with most children having access to the internet, bullying too has taken new forms, especially that of cyber bullying. This is a technologized form of classroom bullying, in which bullies victimize others through messages, rumors and pictures circulated through smartphones, tablets and internet. This has a larger impact on victims – on one hand, such destructive messages reach more audience at once. Secondly, it remains there forever to remind victims of their past difficulties. Why Martial Arts to Stop Bullying? It is not a surprise, when Stop Bullying - the anti-bullying initiative by the US government - reports that 70.6% of the people admit to having been bullied, and only 30% of all the bullying incidents are revealed to adults. There are many self-help groups that help children to overcome the negative effects of bullying and start a new life. It is worth asking how many kids are really benefited from these initiatives in a country where the 70% of the victims don’t even share these incidents or seek help. We need to understand that averting bullying is always more helpful than trying to heal the damage. That is why children need martial arts. How to Handle Bullying: Martial Arts to Help Martial arts aids to prevent bullying in many ways:
1. Self Confidence: Martial arts gives kids the self-confidence not to lose resolution when they are bullied. Many bullying incidents continue because the victims are either powerless or hesitant to offer resistance. 2. Physical Strength: Even weak children can achieve physical strength through martial arts. This is important because most often the weak and fragile children are the victims. 3. Unity and Cooperation: Stop Bullying initiative notes that most instances of bullying cease within ten seconds once a bystander interferes. Martial arts teaches team spirit and values of cooperation, which help children to stand up for others and check bullying. 4. Martial Arts and Bullies: Though we usually sympathize with the victims and despise bullies, the other side of the coin is that bullies too need help. They are also young kids, and they do this mostly because they have been victimized or badly treated somewhere else. No parent wants his/her own child to turn into a bully. Martial arts will instill the values of friendship, compassion and respect in children. It is a good channel to divert the aggressive energy of children and make them compassionate human beings when they grow up.
Bruce McCorry’s Academy for Martial Arts More parents now realize that martial arts will give their children the courage to protect themselves when they are victimized and the ability to calm themselves when they are provoked. In order to eradicate bullying, we have to erase the circumstances that cause it, and martial arts is a great way. Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, Massachusetts) has a number of courses for school-going children, where they get to learn the values of confidence, compassion and self-respect through different martial arts. A student-friendly atmosphere at Bruce McCorry’s motivates friendships, mutual respect and cooperation. Enroll today at the best martial art institution in Massachusetts!

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