Friday, August 29, 2014

Be a Better Student with Martial Arts

How to be a Better Student with Martial Arts
written by: Master McCorry

Every child dreams to be a champion. However, when we assess the performance of children, we can see that many kids are not able to do well in their class as their parents and teachers would wish them to do. In fact, most of these kids have great potential in something or other. If you place them in the right atmosphere which gives them enough positive strength, these kids will excel in their classroom and be champions. How can we make this possible? For this, we have to understand why kids do not do well in their studies at times.

What Makes Children Falter in Studies?
Time and again, educationists repeat that every child has aptitude in at least one field, and most children have the capability to do well in class. What makes our children falter in studies, then? A number of reasons are there. First of all, the unwieldy curriculum that gives only negligible space to extracurricular activities makes children despise studies. When they have too much to study, they do not just start dreading lessons, but become too tired to learn anything even if they wish to. Another reason for under performance is the apprehensions which hold children back. They start getting bothered by a number of thoughts – can I do as well as others in my class? Am I intelligent enough to learn this? Would I be able to finish this in time? – All these are negative thoughts that extinguish a child’s enthusiasm in studies. What kids need is something that can relieve the excess stress of classroom work and break its boredom.
How to be a Better Student through Martial Arts Martial arts have the capability to change your child’s life dramatically. There are many ways in which martial arts can help kids to be better at studies: 1. Martial arts can make kids sharp and fast-thinking. Through martial arts, children can improve their analytic, reasoning and comprehensive skills – faculties which will help them to perform better in class. 2. Martial arts is a good stress-relieving technique. Once the children find an outlet like martial arts to burn off their stress, they can concentrate on studies with a calmer mind. 3. Martial arts can give children enough physical strength so that they can tolerate long class hours without being tired in their body and mind. 4. Martial arts are good confidence-boosters. It will help children to overcome their apprehensions and perform confidently in classroom activities like seminars, paper presentations, projects and so on. 5. If your child chooses to practice martial arts after school, it will be an effective way to break the dullness of a long day in school and refresh him/her. 6. Martial arts instills in kids the positive energy they need to be better students.

Martial Art Lessons for Students at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy If you wish your child to be a better student through martial arts, Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) has a number of professional and simple martial arts courses for you. There are a number of courses specially intended for students like the Afterschool Martial Art Program. These student-oriented martial art courses come with a number of advantages like structured syllabus, transport facility, brilliant teachers and a student-friendly campus. With schools to open soon, it is time to grab this chance and make your child a champion in his/her class! Call us today to get started
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