Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Martial Arts for kids Peabody, MA

Martial Arts for Kids: A Remedy for Monotonous School Life
written by: Master McCorry
School: A Boring Place? HSSSE, a worth-noting High School Survey conducted by the Indiana University usually gets a place in news because it is carried out among more than 80000 children from twenty-six states over the US. An interesting observation made by the survey was that only less than 2% of the children who participated in the survey admitted to never being bored in high school. Though we may not generalize or assume this 2% as belonging to an intellectually superior minority that actually enjoy studies, it is still shocking to think that 98% of the students think of school as boring.
What Makes School Life Boring? Alvin Rosenfield, who used to head the department of Child Psychiatry at Stanford University, has made a famous observation that it is by the time children reach high school that many of them get bored with school. One of the reasons he points out for this is the tightly packed schedule in younger classes. If we think about it, we can add many more reasons as to why these children grow up never having the opportunity to cultivate a genuine interest in what they are asked to do at school. Just like tightly packed schedules, monotony and repetitiveness of studies can also be reasons. Even the few hours of physical activity or extra-curricular activities that a child gets in younger classes disappear by the time he/she reaches high school. Eventually, all that a child gets to do is lessons - the only thing from which he/she wishes to take a break.
Martial Arts: A Remedy for Monotony As the 21st century parents, it is more important for us to find a remedy for this problem. This is so because every day, class schedules are becoming more packed and more monotonous. A good extra-curricular activity like martial arts can break the monotony of dull school hours. In fact, it is beneficial for children to practice martial arts after school. After a whole day of exerting their mind to studies, every child deserves some fun physical activity that he/she can enjoy. Martial arts does not only dissipate boredom, but also invigorates the body and mind after school. In fact, it is one of those physical activities that provides maximum physical and mental benefits to kids. Health, immunity, self confidence and willpower are only some of the advantages that a martial art learner gets from his/her art. In every way, martial arts nourish and enhance the school life for children.
Martial Arts for Children at Peabody, MA Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts is one of those academies that offer quality martial art lessons for children under the care of professionals. Bruce McCorry’s does not burden the children with sophisticated syllabus. Rather, kids get to learn a simple yet professional syllabus designed especially for beginners to the advanced, including all age groups. During the school months, Bruce McCorry’s has a special after school martial arts program that aims at the overall development of kids. There are also many other courses available and a Preschooler Program that makes martial arts for kids as unique as it can be. Bruce McCorry’s Classes are your opportunity to add fun and enjoyment to the school life of your children. Enroll today and experience the miracle of martial arts for kids!

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