Friday, August 22, 2014

After School Martial Arts Program

Back to School and After School Martial Arts Program
written by: Master McCorry
Studies show that stress among children is as dangerous as stress among adults. Just like the exam time, back-to-school time is one of those seasons of the year when stress peaks among children. It is a result of the fact that today’s children have a number of difficulties to face once they get back to school. While parents worry about back-to-school shopping and paying the fees, it is a different lot of problems that await children at school.
Classroom Challenges – The Dangers of Modern School Life What makes school a less friendly place for children compared to the previous decades? Factors are many. Like everything, education too has become commercialized, which naturally led to a highly competitive scenario in which only the fittest can survive. Even the recent global depression is proven to have increased the stress among children. The concerns of higher grades and better jobs are on the rise. Combined with this, children have other classroom worries as well. One in every four children in the US admits to having been bullied at least once in their lives, among which around 80% are victims of cyber bullying (Data by Peer pressure is yet another demon. Family First Aid’s survey notes that one third of the 2500 teen drug addiction victims felt the pressure to fit in with their peers.
School life is not a bed of roses for the kids out there; and this shows how necessary it is to prepare them successfully for school. As it has been tried and discarded by one generation of mothers and fathers, admonition and advice is a poor way to equip your child for the school years. Martial Arts and Back-to-School Preparation Martial arts are highly beneficial for children in many ways. Above all, it is a wonderful way to prepare your child for the problems in school. Unlike other preparations, martial arts do not try to repair the harm that unhealthy school life does to your child. Instead, martial arts strengthens kids from within to face the difficult situations in life such as bullying and stress and prevent the harm before it is done.
There are many ways in which martial arts can prepare your child for the back-to-school days. It gives them the physical strength to keep up their energy levels during exhausting school days. Martial arts also help kids to remain calm within and relieve stress. It is one of those trainings that can give your child enough confidence, self-esteem and surety of thought which is of immense use in school life. Whether they find themselves challenged by bullies or tempted to do something due to peer pressure, martial arts gives them the courage to stick to their own identity and get over the negative influences.
Children’s Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy Unlike the usual personality development courses that claim to equip your kid for the school, martial arts is something solid and effective. Kids can continue martial arts in their free time even during school months. There are many institutions like Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Center that offer classes to suit the time schedules of school-going children. In Bruce McCorry’s Academy, there are programs like the After School Martial Arts and Summer Martial Arts programs aimed at preparing children for both school and life. Martial arts have a unique say in shaping your child’s future life – experience it today!

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