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Helping Children Overcome Fear and Anxiety with Karate

Helping Children Overcome Fear and Anxiety with Karate
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Adults usually associate childhood with having fun, little worries in the world and just letting childhood pass by. In today's world, the contrary is the case. Children today have to deal with a life that's full of anxiety and worry. Much of this can be attributed to the hectic lifestyles we live in as well as living in a society where danger lurks almost everywhere. Now the question arises, is there a way of reversing or completely eliminating fear and anxiety in today's young generation?

What's causing fear and anxiety in today's kids?
Any parent asking their child what is likely to cause them fear and anxiety is likely to get an endless list of reasons. Some of the common causes of fear and anxiety in todays young generation include the following:

-Endless criticism: Children are overly sensitive about what those close to them think about them. Anticipation of harsh criticism from a parent, teacher or even a peer can result in intense anxiety and fear. This can result in low self esteem and too much worry about any future reprimand or form of negative criticism.

-Societal dangers: Today's child is more exposed to societal dangers than before. These dangers come in different forms including bullying, hazing and even sexual assault. Many parents are usually oblivious to these dangers.

-Pressure to achieve: Children are under pressure to achieve a lot within a limited time period. This results in stress. Some of the pressure to achieve comes in the form of school assignments, presentations and examinations. Anxiety is usually experienced two ways. First, the child is worried whether they will complete the task in time. Second, the child worries whether the completed task will be appreciated or not.

-Peer pressure: The desire to make friends can lead a child into indulging in unhealthy activities which are forced upon them by their peers. The source of worry is when a child keeps anticipating whether they have to indulge in such activities to retain their friends.

Eliminate fear and anxiety through karate
Many people are taking martial art classes as a way of relieving stress and building self confidence. Karate is one of the martial art forms that's known to help kids beat anxiety and stress. Some of the ways this martial art does this include the following:

The knowledge that a child can defend himself or herself from bullies or perverts goes a long way in building their self confidence. Children who believe in themselves as capable of self defense often face life situations calmly.

The act of training karate draws the mind's focus away from life's stresses to focus on the training session. This helps to alleviate stressors in the child.

Karate training teaches life values like self respect and tolerance. A child is able to look at life through a positive outlook. They learn to appreciate the fact that criticism is part of life and, it doesn't necessarily mean that their actions are worthless.

Karate helps to build the child's personality. The self confidence built during training helps the child learn to make the right choices. The child will be able to make their own decisions without being pushed by peers to do so.
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