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Self-Defense Classes for Women

Self-Defense Classes for Women
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 

Despite the multitude of laws that claim to protect women from harassment and abuse, the actuality is that women are safe nowhere in the world. Since 1970s, there has been much organization and mobilization among women against abuse and violence, but the stats of harassment and violence against have shown a steady increase. This ranges from cat-calling and stalking to rape and homicide. According to Jane Doe Inc., one of the foremost pro-women organizations in Massachusetts, the year 2011 – 12 witnessed 2,337 instances of sexual violence in Massachusetts alone.

The stats point to an inevitable reality of our times. Women safety will remain a myth until the ideas of women empowerment translate into actual and practical methods of defense. The most important, of course, is self-defense.
Self-Defense for Women: The Practical Method of Martial Arts
Self-defense has been boosted and promoted by feminist movements and women self-help organizations for decades. One of the practical, legal and extremely useful method of self-defense is martial arts. What role can martial arts play in self-defense for women?

* There are many martial arts that teach moves which can be effectively used for self-protection. The most beneficial are Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu.

* Martial arts can increase your physical strength phenomenally. One of the reasons why so many women are victims of abuse is that they are physically powerless to resist assault. This is one point where martial arts comes to your help.

* Martial arts are also a good confidence booster. Often, women falter to resist cat-calling, stalking and other usual forms of abuse just because they don’t feel confident enough. Martial arts can teach you to believe in yourself.

* Martial arts sharpens physical reflexes and quick reaction. Both of these are extremely useful when you come face to face with danger.

* Martial arts is also a practical and possible method of self-defense. Even though protective methods like pepper spray and Tasers are available, many women hesitate to make use of these even though they are legal. Compared to these, martial arts is a defense on which you can actually rely at a moment of emergency.

* Martial arts can teach you not to lose your calmness even at the face of a crisis. This composure is something which a woman will find useful if someone tries to abuse her.

True women empowerment will not happen just by mobilizing and organizing women’s forums and societies. It will be a reality only when each and every woman in the society becomes capable of protecting herself from anti-social elements. Martial arts is not just about reacting to a single moment of crisis. It is also about instilling courage, confidence and self-belief in women so that they can use their potential to their full extent and enjoy their equal rights and status. In a way, self-defense martial arts is also about ensuring the dignity and self-worth of women.

Martial Arts for Women – Bruce McCorry’s
At Bruce McCorry’s Academy, you can learn defensive martial arts from experienced instructors. Women safety is a matter of prime importance to the academy. Bruce McCorry’s offer lessons in more than ten different martial arts. Girls too can learn effective self-defense martial arts from the academy. For school-going children, we have unique programs like Afterschool Martial Arts (AMP) Program and more. Admissions are open.   Please call to today (978) 535-7878 to explore your options at Bruce McCorrys' Martial Arts Academy.

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