Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bruce McCorrys The Best Place to Learn Martial Arts

Bruce McCorrys Academy -The Best Place to Learn Martial Arts for All Ages

Interest in martial arts training can be traced back into the 1990s. Since then, learners of different ages, races and genders have been enrolling in martial arts training institutions in large numbers. The numbers continue to grow each year. Increased awareness about the benefits of martial arts is the main reason why so many people are interested in training. The increase in willing learners has also led to an increase in the number of training institutions. There's at least a couple of academies in the major cities and towns that surround us. With so many to choose from, selecting the best martial arts training institution forms the foundation of success. Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy is the most popular training institution conveniently located in the North Shore, Peabody, Massachusetts. 

A Look at The Academy

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy was founded in 1978 by Master Bruce McCorry alongside fellow masters. It's actually one of the oldest modern martial arts training institutions still operational today. Its success is based on the focus on tradition and innovation in martial arts training. For close to 50 years now, the institution has grown into one of the most recognized martial arts schools offering over 10 different martial arts forms. It also offers different types of programs suited for all people regardless of age or fitness level.

Training Programs: Each course follows an easy to follow syllabus. The programs are designed to be professional, easily adaptable and inclusive. We offer programs for children, adults and people with special needs. Children's programs include the AMP, After School Program and Summer Program that are now open for enrollment and offer transportation from schools to the academy. These are tailor made to ensure that the kids get necessary life skills while learning martial arts in a friendly, fun and safe environment. Adult programs involve training in different forms like MMA, Kung Fu, Yoga, Tai Chi and Kick boxing to name but a few. People with special needs aren't left out as the academy offers special programs tailor made with the individual's needs put first.

The Team: Our team includes highly trained and experienced instructors. Most of our instructors have decades of experience learning their respective arts. The team is lead by the academy's founder Master Bruce McCorry and Miss Sandra LaRosa and it's carefully selected to include only the best martial artists in the country. Our team also comprises support staff whose superb efforts ensure that our students train in a friendly and safe environment.

What's Provided: Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy is the most advanced and friendly campus in the State. Students are assured of maximum safety and provision of modern training facilities. It's also a center for building lifelong friendships. Our institution encourages student interaction with peers and instructors to build lasting bonds.

Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy's Legacy

With our anniversary approaching, we pride ourselves of an alumni that spans two generations. All our students have turned out more confident and attain different levels of success in their lives. Many have been able to deal with negative personal issues such as lack of self respect, anxiety, poor health and lack of self confidence by training with us. Enrollment for various martial programs is currently underway. Hurry now and book your place at Bruce McCorrys and make that positive change in your life through martial arts training.

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