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10 Reasons to Learn Martial Arts

10 Reasons to Learn Martial Arts
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

In today's world, youngsters spend most of their time indoors. Technological advancements have allowed them to have fun playing video games, watching TV and surfing the internet. However, kids still have the desire to play outdoors and have some physical exercise. This desire can be channeled into martial arts training.

There are many martial art forms to choose from. Not only are they a fun way to get physical exercise, martial arts are a good way to learn different skills that are beneficial in everyday life. Training can also help remedy certain problems such as obesity, anxiety and violence. Martial arts are also a good way of developing a positive and confident personality regardless of gender or age. If you need reasons why martial arts is good for you, here are the top 10.

10. Positive influence
Being around positive people will help you become a better person in society. Joining a martial arts academy allows you to interact with many positive people building a positive attitude within you. Being around such people will motivate and influence you to strive to achieve your goals in life.

9. Goal setting and achieving
Embarking on a martial arts training journey requires you to set a goal and work hard to achieve it. Your goals can be to get better health, lose weight or rise through different belts to become a master. This skill can be transferred to real life situations such as academics where goal setting is required.

8. Emotional control
Martial arts training will help you keep your emotions under control when confronted with a stressing situation such as a violent attack. Training involves both physical control and control of the mind. As a result, you'll be calmer and more focused when confronted with a challenging situation.

7. Better coordination
Being coordinated is an important life skill. Martial arts training focuses on helping you achieve physical and mental coordination. Every training session is a step towards achieving a coordinated flow of your body movements which is in line with an alert mind.

6. Positive life skills
There are universal life skills which if you learned, could see you succeed in every aspect of life. Skills such as focus, courtesy, goal setting and time management are easily learned through martial arts training. Every training session provides you with the opportunity to train and use these skills. With time, you'll find that you easily influence other people to willingly do things for you.

5. Physical fitness
Being fit and healthy is something many people want. However, for many, this is just a wish that cannot be achieved easily. Martial arts provides a fun and easy solution to this. Regular training makes your body stronger, more flexible, energetic and more alert. It's also a fun way of keeping the body healthy and less prone to getting ill.

4. Personal development
If you want to be the star of your own life, martial arts is a great way of achieving this. Unlike team sports where success is dependent on team engagement, martial arts success depends on your individual input. In addition, daily training instills important skills which make you stand out and become recognized as a useful member in society.

3. Self discipline
Martial arts isn't about going around hurting people just because you can. It's all about learning how to defend yourself in case of an attack but, being responsible about how you act. Training daily allows you to build on self discipline which in turn allows you to achieve more in life.

2. Self confidence
Martial arts training is a great self confidence booster. Training daily and achieving success is a great way of knowing that hard work pays. Being able to rate yourself against others and look at your potential growing each day also helps boost self confidence daily.

1. Self defense
One of the primary aims of training in martial arts is learning how to defend yourself and others. People with martial arts training are equipped to handle a potentially violent situation. This makes training very good for girls and children who are often confronted by such situations and have to protect themselves. 

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