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Little Ninjas Program

Bruce McCorry's Popular Martial Arts Little Ninjas Program
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
Did you know that martial arts training can enable kids to perform moves similar to those done by stunt men in martial arts movies such as Karate Kid? Only this time, the child will be performing the moves in reality. Unfortunately, violence has become part of mainstream entertainment that most parents wouldn't feel confident about enrolling their little ones to a martial arts school. However, martial arts has numerous physical, social and mental benefits for children and it's super fun.
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy popular Little Ninjas Program offers the following benefits:

Early foundation for martial arts

Some of the most complex martial arts moves take years to master. Some must actually be learned during a very tender age. The Little Ninjas program offers your child the opportunity to have a martial arts foundation that will make it easier to develop both physically and mentally in their martial arts journey. A good example of a martial arts student who started early in life is Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh to name only a few. They are, or were, well known martial arts master and movie stars.

A self confident child

Children who enroll for Bruce McCorry's Little Ninja training program show a boost in their self confidence within a few weeks of training. The children are more confident about performing gravity defying moves which the ordinary child would be afraid of. The child is no longer afraid of achieving their goals and are even driven to help others achieve theirs. This confidence is transferred to other life situations such as dealing with problems and danger. The growth in confidence progresses with time and it's possible to build a future leader this way.

Acquisition of life skills

Most of the essential life skills are best acquired when we are young. This is the main reason why Bruce McCorry's Little Ninjas Program was created. Besides self confidence, martial arts helps to instill some of the most important skills in life. A good example is Tai Chi. This form focuses on building focus and concentration. To the child, this means that he or she can be able to work on things they initially thought impossible until they achieve success. Other life skills include self discipline, time management and self defense. These skills are not only useful in the academy class, they are also useful in real life. 

Martial arts training offers many benefits for your child. Not only will your little one learn to be physically active, martial arts provides an avenue to acquire some of life's most important skills in a fun way. No form of martial arts is considered poor. However, instructors can use martial arts as a way of corrupting young minds. As a parent wanting to enroll your child into a martial arts school, always ensure that the instructors are highly trained and want the best for your child. Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy Peabody, MA has been training children since 1978. We have the most experienced and skilled instructors in the US. All instructors work with children assigned to them by ensuring each child's training needs are met. We also train children in a safe and serene environment.

Call us today at (978)535-7878 and arrange a free trial class. Let your child train with no obligation to register. See for yourself how powerful the Little Ninjas Program is at developing your child.

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