Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Top Choice Martial Arts & Fitness

Bruce McCorry’s – Top Choice for all your Martial Arts and Fitness Needs

Martial Arts: The Most Popular Workout
According to a survey conducted by Simmons Market Research based on the city of New York 18.1 million Americans are into some or other martial arts. This wide spectrum of participants includes adults and children, women and men, as well as seniors and specially abled persons. Such a huge participation numbers which surpass all other sports and fitness trainings indicate how popular martial arts have become in the US. And this is definitely not without reason.

Learners and instructors unanimously testify the numerous advantages of learning martial arts. Health and fitness are the most important among them. The general increase in lifestyle-born diseases is one reason for the popularity of martial arts. In every society, nowadays there is more awareness regarding the importance of fitness and the need for working out. One of the reasons why martial art is so popular among the masses is that common men have chosen it as the perfect workout which is both effective and affordable.

The Significance of Proper Martial Arts Learning
Much of the efficiency of martial arts in enhancing health and fitness comes out of the way you learn it. Most martial arts are a mix of traditionally handed-down principles and quality research of modern science. Learning martial arts properly means learning it from experts who are adept in both these aspects of a martial art. That is why choosing the right school with the most efficient instruction becomes important.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy: Quality Martial Arts for Health and Fitness
The increasing popularity of martial arts has naturally resulted in numerous martial arts schools springing up in all developed societies. Recent surveys number as many as 30000 martial art institutions in US.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy in Peabody (MA) is a unique choice among these. Following are some of the aspects which make martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s an experience worth checking out:

1) Experienced instructors who have spent years as students and then as teachers in their respective arts.

2) Quality instruction that focuses on enhancing health, fitness, self-confidence and defense-skills of the learners

3) Age-accustomed and customized martial arts teaching which lets anybody above the age of three to experience martial art in a way that suits their capability

4) A whole array of program choices, including programs that are open to preschoolers, children, teens, adults, seniors and people with special needs.

5) Special courses in XMA and MMA for martial arts enthusiasts

6) Effective and time-saving programs for school-going children such as after school course and summer program with focus on study-skills and safety 

7) Little Ninjas Program for preschoolers with focus on their growth and development 

8) Peaceful campus and surroundings and a vibrant student community

Bruce McCorry’s academy has remained the forte of martial arts learning in Massachusetts since 1978. All the above reasons have made the academy the favorite haunt of martial art lovers since its inception. Bruce McCorry’s is the top destination for all your martial arts and fitness needs. You can now get a free trial and experience the magic of Bruce McCorry’s martial arts first hand before making the decision to join. Admissions to various courses are open. Hurry now and live the experience of true martial arts!

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