Thursday, June 4, 2015

Becoming a Black Belt

Becoming a Black Belt: Mindset, Training and Determination
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

To all those who step into martial arts at some point in their lives, a black belt is a dream. Especially if you took up martial arts as a child, to you, a black belt might not be just another word. To you it might symbolize a lot of things: power, success, achievement and glory being some of them. In reality, a black belt symbolizes not just these. It is also a proof of a prepared mind, relentless training and determination. And achieving a black belt is something you too can do.

The Colored Belt Ranking System 
The colored belt ranking system was first used in Judo by its inventor Kano Jigoro. Originally, traditional sashes were used, and they were later replaced by belts. A black belt, being the top ranked of all colored belts, indicates a person’s expertise in his/her respective martial art. It is not just a symbol of expertise, but also the very first great milestone that you will achieve if you plan to take up martial art as a passion or career.

Becoming a Black Belt: Mindset, Training, Determination
When anyone is initiated to martial arts, the kind of prestige and expectations associated with a black belt is so high that achieving one seems to be a difficult task for many beginners, even though it had been their lifelong dream. Without belittling its significance, a black belt is something that you too can surely achieve, if you are a committed learner. The three keywords you need to remember are mindset, training and determination.

The Right Mindset: The first step in your journey toward a black belt is developing the right mindset. You have to convince your mind that it is a realizable goal and not just a dream. Then you need to cultivate a mindset that will not turn back even if it faces difficulties in the path. This right mindset, based on positive thinking, is the first thing you need to master.

Relentless Training: In a practice-oriented activity like martial arts, the key to success lies in relentless training. If you tirelessly practice one to two hours a day, you can easily realize your goal in three to six years, depending upon your hard work. And the significance lies not in more quantity of training, but in quality training under professionals.

Unfailing Determination: The third and final skill you need to master is that of determination. It means that you should not lose along the journey the initial mindset you cultivated. For that, you need to be determined to achieve your goal. You need to proceed step by step, achieving one belt after another. With true determination, black belt will be yours at the end.

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