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Martial Arts to Combat Technology Fatigue

Martial Arts to Combat Technology Fatigue

Technology fatigue is a very recent term buzzing in news and articles. Even as early as the time when electronic media made its first appearance, theorists like Marshall McLuhan have spoken how media becomes an extension of humans. Today, technology has become the same thing: an extension, so integrated to human body and life, that we can't escape it. Or we think we can't.

Technology Fatigue and Its Impact
Today, around us, it is difficult to see a person who is not staring into some kind of screen. With all kinds of integrative technologies, the thing is that you can access your work and entertainment from anywhere, and any device. This means that all your life, 24X7, you are surrounded by technology. You constantly keep yourself busy checking emails, reading text messages, watching backlogs of videos, updating work, catching a few moments of music or answering calls. After a while, it can be very tiring.

This exactly can be termed technology fatigue. Technology consumes too much of your time, it preoccupies your eyes and ears more than it should be doing. Whether you are a student or a working adult, technology crams your mind with too much of an information overload than the brain can take at a time. All this leads to technology fatigue. And its impact and symptoms are not very reassuring.

Invariably, a person facing technology fatigue feels the following symptoms:
  • Feelings of exhaustion and being burned out
  • Unnecessary anxiety
  • Unbearable stress and depressed states of mind
  • A state in which you are always alert to technology and expecting something to happen
  • Inability to balance work with life, leading to broken relationships and broken homes
  • Health issues that spring from straining your body, eyes and ears
  • Obesity and other issues arising out of physical inactivity

Martial Arts: The Ultimate Way to Unplug Yourselves
All that description of technology fatigue may sound scary, but the good thing is that there are ways by which you can disconnect yourselves. The best option is martial arts.

Martial arts begins from the realization that hectic work and studying is the reality of modern life and can't be changed – either for adults or for kids. So the way out lies in learning to live with it. Therefore, martial arts... 
  • Teaches you how to de-stress, meditate, and gain control over your mental peace
  • Rejuvenates you physically and mentally after draining work hours
  • Engages you in a physically active and mentally free hours of training and meditation
  • Helps you to regain cordial behavior, liveliness and character, through which you can improve relations
  • Provides physical exercise and activity to improve health and fitness
  • Helps children to improve their studying through a refreshing break 

At professional martial art academies you get to learn not just the moves and kicks, but also the values that really form a martial art. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) is a perfect choice, where there are a number of options like children's programs and family programs where you can learn martial arts in your personal way. If your lifestyle involves too much of technology that you feel like disconnecting for a while, Bruce McCorry's is for you. Unplug yourselves from the hectic life for a few hours and learn to live life to the fullest with martial arts today!

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