Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Children and Cell Phones: Issues, Dangers and Alternatives

Children and Cell Phones: Issues, Dangers and Alternatives

Every age has its own metaphor. Faith for the Middle Ages, the human for the Renaissance age, machine for the industrial age were all determining symbols. If you ask what the metaphor of the modern age is, it has to be the cell phone. It is especially true for children and teenagers, because, after all, they are the generation that was born to the technological affluence. 

Like every other trend, as good as they are, they have there bad issues as well.

Cell Phone Issues and Children 
Parents are always anxious to control how their kids use cell phones, and this anxiety is not in vain: cell phones have proved to be the villain in many cases. 
  • Statistics show that middle school is the time when a child usually gets a cell phone. Out of the 84% of Americans who are mobile phone owners, the age range starts from 12.
  • Of the child users of cell phone, 65% take it to school.
  • According to a study, an average American schoolchild receives more than 2700 text message a month.
  • A quarter of this is sent and received during class hours.

From this, it is evident how cell phone usage can adversely affect studying itself. There are other negatives as well.
  • Even in after-school hours, most of the cell phone users sadly prefer to be entertained by phone than outdoor activities.
  • Constantly disturbing phone messages force kids to break off their attention from whatever else they have been doing.
  • Getting cell phones at young ages often lead the kids to dangerous friendships and acquaintances. It is a leading factor for the increasing teen crimes.
  • Cell phones also encourages virtual crimes like child pornography and cyber bullying.

Today, very few families spend time together. Children mostly don't socialize with same-age peers after school. Entertainments of human togetherness such as playing, talking and socializing have lost their value, and technology has taken the space.

De-Technologizing Lives: Martial Arts as an Alternative 
For these numerous problems aired here, if there is a one-time solution, that is martial arts. What your cell phone-crazy child needs is an alternative space, where they can have fun with others of their age. Something which they can enjoy without gluing themselves to a screen, something would compensate for the physical inactivity of their lives. Martial arts is all of this.

If a cell phone prevents them from studying, martial arts improves their study skills. A cell phone makes them inactive, while the latter makes them healthy and fit. Some unique programs actually offer more than this. For instance, the Martial Arts Program at Bruce McCorry's Academy offers an opportunity to share time with family as well, through family programs. Further, the After-school Program at the academy is a safe and comfortable space that protects children from dangers of after-school hours. Unique, specialized martial art programs like these, your children will engage themselves fully and enjoy their life. It will make their life meaningful. Say no to dehumanizing technologies and embrace martial arts instead! Think Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts.

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