Friday, September 25, 2015

Find the Motivation to be a Master Martial Artist

How to Find the Motivation to be a Master Martial Artist

For martial art enthusiasts and wanna-be martial artists alike, being a master martial artist means a lot. If it is already your passion, you might know the reasons. The reason why many of us aspire to be a great master martial artist is that the very phrase carries with it all that went into the making of such a person: hard work, unrelenting effort, persistence and dedication. The prestige and the status of the position is an acceptance of all these efforts.

Is it too large an ambition to wish to be a master martial artist? The answer is that it is definitely not. It might look daunting and unachievable, but if you are able to find the true motivation and pursue the true path, it is a realizable goal, though a demanding one. 

The Paths to Success: Find the Motivation to be a Martial Artist
If your aim is to be a master martial artist, you might already know your preferred art. If not, you can start thinking what to pursue and from whom to learn it. Once these fundamental decisions are taken, there are four true sources of motivation you need to absorb into your life, and you can achieve your dream.

1. Training is Your Life: Practicing what you learn in classes for at least an hour a day is the best way to groom your body and your mind to be a successful martial artist. If training daily is too demanding, you can opt to practice for three to five hours during the weekend. Relentless practice, if it is completed under the proper guidance, is the first and the best source of motivation because it is like telling yourself every day that your dream is one step near to you.

2. Be Patient, Be Successful: Being patient means not only waiting in terms of time, but also being tolerant in every sense of the word. This includes being patient to a demanding art, being tolerant towards opponents, and waiting patiently for success at the end. A good martial art school can guide you through the right path and make you take the right decisions in this waiting.

3. Get Motivated through Persistence: The success in martial arts will come only when you are persistent. Latching on to your passion despite the minor setbacks, failures and crises you may face from day to day needs a whole lot of courage. But it is also a way of realizing that your passion is worth more to you than everything else put together. Nothing motivates you better.

4. Sustain the Passion: Being a perseverant follower of martial art is the final step to be a true martial artist. This involves sustaining through your career the flare of passion with which you began. If all other advises sound daunting and forbidding, this is one thing that will make your journey fun, enjoyable, worth living and worth remembering.

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