Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Adult Martial Arts – A Better Choice than Standard Gym Workouts

written by Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

For years, workouts have been in our to-do lists and New Year resolutions forever. Yet, it is something that many of us never get around to doing sincerely and consistently. Even if we did, there are only a few of us who get into the gym without grudging it. Part of the reason many of us can never fall in love with our workouts is the tiring effort we have to put into it. That too, without any fun or enjoyment to expect for. What if we had a form of exercising that is much more than this? Something which blends meditation, breathing exercises, socialization and the fun and the thrill of being part of sports, that made us super fit? Then martial art is for you.

Adult Martial Arts – A Better Choice than Standard Gym Workouts
Adult martial art courses approach martial arts from a professional and standardized way by placing the focus on the specific goal you want to achieve through martial art lessons, whether it is fitness, confidence, health or self-defense. If fitness is your aspiration, you will see that Adult Martial Arts will rank above most of your standard gym workouts. Here is why:

* Efficiency: The first and the best reason is that martial arts deliver a more efficient result than most other workouts. Some intense forms like Taekwondo can burn up to 750 calories in an hour, which is more than what jogging, cycling or gym workout can achieve.

* Less Effort: The success of martial arts as a workout lies in the equal focus on physical moves, mental de-stressing and breath regulation. This is not as physically taxing as workouts that involve external machines, even treadmill.

* Multiple Benefits: Even if you might choose martial arts as a workout substitute, it has numerous other benefits to offer you. It builds your self-confidence. It is a perfect self-defense. It can aid you in maintaining a healthy life. It can be motivating and inspiring. It also reduces stress and channelizes your energy to positive living.

* Workout Together: At many coveted schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy, martial arts moments are something you can share with your family, children, friends and peers. It is a space for work out that promotes socialization and companionship, nurture and family-feeling. It is distinct from standard gyms that reserve segregated spaces for men and women, adults and children and so on.

* It Is Enjoyable!: Martial arts have that one missing element which makes every standard workout unbearable – fun. The charm of martial art is that you will never grudge this workout; you will fall in love with it at once. Sharing space with your loved ones, the thrill of sportsmanship that accompanies martial arts, the contentment of doing something positive – all these make martial arts enjoyable, an experience worth living.

Adult Martial Arts at its Best – Bruce McCorry’s Academy
The space given to family martial arts is only one among the numerous highlights that make Bruce McCorry’s simply unique. The academy offers a wide range of martial arts choices for adults. You can learn martial arts here at your pace, comfort and need. The scheme and syllabus is well structured, and revised from time to time with changing social needs in mind. The academy has some of the best martial art minds in US as instructors. Bruce McCorry’s is the place that can guide you to your fitness dream. Say yes today!

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