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Martial Arts with a Difference: Bruce McCorry's Martial Academy

Martial Arts with a Difference: Bruce McCorry's Martial Academy

Martial art has come a long way from what it was when the ancient masters formulated the moves and techniques that define each art. Today is a different age, and the priorities and needs of martial art learners too have changed. It is different from what a martial artist might have wished to learn perhaps fifty years back. If you are reading this today, you must either be a lover of martial art or willing to learn it, and what you demand from martial arts is not the same what anyone else wants. And that is exactly why you need martial arts with a difference.

Martial Arts with a Difference: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
Established in 1978 in Peabody (MA), Bruce McCorry's Academy has been a keen watcher of the changing martial art scenarios for the past four decades. To walk with the times has been the motto of the academy, and this decision has made the difference. Some of the different ways in which the academy has envisioned itself are here:

Personal Care: At Bruce McCorry's, each learner receives personal attention, and the schemes are formulated according to the capability and need of the student. This comes from the realization that what each learner expects from martial art is a different goal.

Children-Friendly Programs: The largest learner group in the US martial arts is children, and Bruce McCorry's offers many children-friendly courses. From Little Ninjas to Junior Programs, it accommodates all age groups. The Academy respect school hours and therefore offers after school and summer courses. It prioritizes safety and hence offers transportation facilities to the campus. Children's courses also feature specially designed and recognized syllabus.

Formative Courses: For young martial art learners, the academy has unique formative programs like the Little Ninjas that focus on growth and development of kids below six years of age. The difference comes at the point where Bruce McCorry's moves beyond martial arts and makes the youngster programs a fun mixture of activities, games, competitions and learning experience.

Courses for a Better Life: Bruce McCorry's has some inclusive programs aimed at making life better for everyone equally. The Special Needs program is designed particularly for people with special needs, aimed at improving the quality of their living. The Academy has unique ventures like the Kickboxing program that is beneficial for cardiac health and energy healing consultancy for cancer survivors/victims. Our desire to make earth a better place for all has resulted in many fund-raising and extra activities, often led by children and teachers.

Overall Martial Arts for Adults and Seniors: The course schemes in the academy ranges over many different programs for adults and seniors which offer the benefits of health, fitness, self-confidence, self-defense, stress-relief and many more. These programs range from light and meditative courses to adventurous and more demanding ones. From the casual learner to the professional enthusiast, all of you will be at home at the Academy.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: The Perfect Holiday Gift
What Bruce McCorry's offers you is a solution to live in this present world with its numerous challenges. Whether it be bullying and study stress for kids, work and home pressures for adults, health and loneliness for seniors, what we need is this martial art with a difference. Bruce McCorry's is that place where you can learn to be yourself, be self-dependent and confident, be assertive, learn trust, find friends, and be happy. There's nothing better than you can gift your loved ones for these holidays!  

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