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Tai Chi Classes and Its Benefits

Tai Chi Classes and Its Benefits: Health, Fitness and Many More
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

With its roots in the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism, Tai Chi is perhaps one of the most traditional of ancient martial arts. However, this unique martial art, invented by the Chen family of 17th century China, has been astounding modern medicinal research for the past ten years. Many recent explorations into the effect that Tai Chi has on your body and mind have made it the martial art of most contemporary relevance.

The Clinical and Medicinal Advantages of Tai Chi
Though Tai Chi is an all-rounder martial art, it owes much of its contemporary relevance to the research that has opened up its ineffable clinical possibilities. Through the experiments since 1990s, Tai Chi learning has been found to help patients with Parkinsonism, osteoarthritis, bone weakening and osteoporosis. Learning Tai Chi was found very useful for senior citizens who reported less instances of falling down and improved body balance after Tai Chi lessons.

Tai Chi and Cancer Research
The breakthrough achievement in Tai Chi studies came with regard to cancer research. The healing properties of Tai Chi were already explored by people since ancient times. However, the milestone was the comprehensive study conducted by Fudan University (Shanghai) on ninety six cancer patients who were women. Tai Chi sessions were proven to reduce fatigue, mental stress and boost morale among these women. These properties were found to be the most effective in women suffering from lung and breast cancer. Doctors, since then, have constantly recommended Tai Chi for cancer survivors.

Tai Chi as an All-Rounder Martial Art
The clinical advantages of Tai Chi are what make it the sought-after martial art of our age, but having said this, we cannot forget its other benefits. A. Dechamp, in 2007, showed how Tai Chi's power to foster self-esteem and resist mood swings is unique. This is what makes it so successful with survivors of chronic diseases. Tai Chi is also includes powerful aerobic movements. It keeps your muscles flexible and body toned. It renews your physical strength and balance. This property of Tai Chi has attracted many learners for the fitness and self-defense potential it offers.

Tai Chi and Energy Healing for Better Lives: Bruce McCorry's Academy
Energy healing techniques like meditation has been shown to improve the cellular structure of cancer victims and survivors at a bodily level, by focusing mental energy on specific body parts. Meditation being an inevitable part of martial arts, this study has much meaning for martial art learners and aspirants.

Bruce McCorry's Academy, the chief martial arts institution in Massachusetts offers the benefits of both together. Under the supervision of Master Bruce McCorry, the Tai Chi classes at the academy help cancer patients to rejuvenate their mental strength and resilience through martial arts. The innovative energy healing consultancy wing at the academy aids cancer treatment by enhancing the cellular health of victims. For survivors of other diseases too, Tai Chi and energy healing has a message of hope and happiness to offer by leading them back to their normal life. For healthy persons as well, the numerous benefits Tai Chi offers are too many to say no to it. Many individuals have incorporated tai chi with Master McCorrys energy healing techniques with great success.  Call to customize your training needs today (978) 535-7878.  Let this unique martial art be your key for better lives and happy living.

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