Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Martial Arts Fitness and the Holidays

Martial Arts Fitness and the Holidays: 
Solutions for Weight Gain and Lack of Motivation 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

The best time of the year is about to arrive, and no one wants to be plodding to the gym during the holidays. But once back to the daily routine, your life begins to show up the holiday hangover. But is that an excuse to give up your much-awaited break?

The Holiday Hangover – What Happens Actually?
Much of the post-holiday lag happens because you cut yourself off from whatever you keep doing around the year - the usual diet (definitely!), the regular workouts and your engagement with studies or work. Each of this has its own demerit. Switching over suddenly from low-calorie diets to rich diets naturally adds to your weight, but the holiday weight gain is supposed to be at 5-7 pounds for a normal person (much higher than other weight gain spells). This is also at the cost that it is quite impossible to lose the weight thus gained. Suspended workout schedules adds to this. It also kills your motivation to stay fit even though you might want it badly. Once we break the workout schedule, we often postpone restarting it. Part of it has to do with the lack of motivation that holiday gives you. This lack of motivation affects your daily work as well. After holidays, school-going children report less attention levels and slower mental activity. For adults too, fitting back to deadlines and targets is a task which causes much strain.

Stay in Touch during Holidays - Martial Arts

Is there a way to stay in touch with your daily routine even during the holidays, but without spoiling the fun of the celebrations? Perhaps martial arts can provide a solution. 
  • Martial arts is your perfect fitness solution. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, major arts can burn from 590 to 931 calories per hour. 
  • Martial arts is the most effective answer to holiday weight gain. It has a benefit over usual workouts – it does not just tone your body, but also prepares your mind positively to lose weight and achieve your goal.
  • It can improve immunity and heath whether for children or adults, young or old.
  • It enhances brain activity, alertness, quickness of thought and memory in children. When their brain remains active through the holidays, they won't find it difficult getting back to work once the school opens.
  • The mental benefits hold in the case of adults as well. But in their case, martial arts also play the additional role of a stress-relief. It will help you easily readjust to your routine; it will also help you to go back to your job with a fresh and free mind.
  • Martial arts keep your motivation level high, even during the holidays.
Martial arts are easier and more interesting than typical gym workouts, so that you can easily spend an hour or so even during your holidays. If you cannot do that, then you can take up martial arts right after the holidays, which will get you back into shape and boost your lost energy. At quality martial art academies like Bruce McCorry's Academy, you can choose your perfect program to regain fitness and motivation during and after holidays. For this most special holiday, make the choice, and don't compromise your fun!  Make it a truly Happy Holiday with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, Peabody Ma.

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