Friday, December 11, 2015

Martial Arts to Combat the Issues Our Youth Face

Young Lives and their Challenges: How Martial Arts Can Help 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy - Peabody, MA

With many countries recording a population growth rate either negative or diminishing by year, it is predicted that the youth will comprise a major section of population in the years to come. The focus on youth as a major section of society has resulted in a lot of research recently. This has brought to light numerous issues that the youth in our country face, some of them already looked into, some recently receiving attention.

Top Issues Faced by Our Youth

1. Single Parenting: 
The rise in the number of single parent homes over the years has influenced the young in many ways, often leading to emotional breakdown and insecure living practices.

2. Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: 
Addiction to alcohol, smoking and drugs are not unusual among our youth. This has created problems like drunk driving accidents, insecure relationships and unhealthy sexual behavior.

3. The Pressure to Grow Up: 
Our children today face the pressure from society to grow up too soon. When kids are exposed to sexual suggestions, drugs, smoking and the 'being cool' mantra through the media, the stress it creates on their emotional make up is often traumatic.

4. Violence among Youth: 
From school bullying and hazing, violence among teenagers has reached a stage where shooting and stabbings are not unheard of any more. Violence among the young is on the rise not just in school, but in spaces where they spent the afterschool hours.

5. Being on the Race: 
Too much emphasis on success has led our youth to a stage where materialism and consumerism has replaced success. Our youth counts its success in terms of the money they make or the things they buy – not in terms of successful relations, happy families or peaceful lives.

6. Obesity: 
Though it might sound surprising, obesity is a difficulty faced by huge percentage of American children. How much ever we blame junk food, TV and internet, the lack of physical activity is the foremost reason for this.

7. Job and Education: 
Education has become one of the most unaffordable things next to health, and this is a real issue for the youth. With a economy in a regressive state and with labor cost cuts around, employment has become another challenge for our youth.

Martial Arts to Combat the Issues Our Youth Face
Living the life of the young has become more challenging and demanding than it used to be. Though you might not be able to shield your child from all this, perhaps the best companion for your kid to course through this life might be the ever popular martial arts.

At one of the best martial art schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy, you will find programs that give children the emotional poise and strength to deal with the pressures of home, school and society. Even more beneficial than a typical gym workout, martial arts are extremely rewarding for children with obesity and similar health issues. It instills in them sharpness and management skills that will aid them in work and study. By teaching them confidence and courage, it prepares them for school and employment. It gives them the daring and strength to fight back bullying and violence. It tells them how to value something beyond the material race for success, and give more importance to happiness, family and relations. This is what will guide them through their youth life. Say YES to Martial Arts!

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