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Martial Arts Model of Goal-Setting

Setting Goals for Success in Life: The Martial Arts Model 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

We see many around us whose youth is full of dreams, but only a few of them make it to the top of their dreams with the passage of time. If we try to understand the formula that leads them to their success, there will be one factor which all of them share – it is nothing less than goal-oriented thinking. It is only when we set goals that our dreams achieve a material form which we can strive to achieve. Goals lend meaning and shape to our dreams. But how exactly do we set goals and how to stick to striving for them? The martial arts model of goal setting is an illustrious example which will tell you how to set goals.

Setting Goals in Martial Arts: The Four Steps to Success
For those whom martial arts is their dream, perhaps the most coveted goal is to be a master martial artist. It is not just a title of prestige, but it is an honor which connotes experience, expertise, dedication and mastery. It denotes the acme of martial arts experience and professionalism. In a typical way, martial arts teaches you how to break this larger and most important goal to several separate targets. Thus, the four-step method to being a master martial artist includes the following long-term targets: Practice, Persistence, Patience and Perseverance.

* First goal you need to set for yourself as a martial art trainer is to practice relentlessly. Though you may not practice for endless hours, at least take care to practice regularly without breaking the routine.

* The second target, that you need to convince your mind of, is persistence. No ambition is easy to achieve, and a coveted goal like being a master martial artist demands you to remain persistent in the face of all adversities and setbacks.

* The third target that you can aspire for is patience. Patience is not just in terms of time, but also in terms of how you choose to cope up with failures and challenges in your way.

* To achieve the larger goal of being a master martial artist, you also need to achieve a fourth target: the quality of perseverance. The first passion you felt for martial arts has to be kept alive through your career in order to realize your goal of mastery in martial arts.

The Martial Arts Model of Goal-Setting for All Facets of Life
The practice – persistence – patience – perseverance model is one of the most favored goal-setting models in martial arts. What makes it unique is its flexibility. The pattern can be adapted to whichever aspect of your life to realize your dreams and ambitions. For instance, if you are a student whose goal is to achieve good grades, the easiest way to achieve it is to study relentlessly and patiently, sustaining your interest and persistently dedicated. If you aspire for a toned body, you should find a proper diet-workout scheme and stick to with persistence, patience and perseverance.

Martial arts itself is something which helps you to achieve a number of real-life goals. A healthy body, a fit physique, a stress-free mind, self-confidence, good study skills are all those goals which martial arts will guide you to achieve. Beyond all, martial arts at quality schools like Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy will teach you the art of setting goals, which you can adapt to realize your personal dreams. Both children and adults can use martial art methods and martial art training to make true their dreams. Let your dreams take over you!   

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