Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Year, New You, with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

New Year, New You, with Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts 

2016 has dawned with a whole lot of promises and hope. You too must have a list of tasks to be accomplished, goals to be reached. You do not want 2016 to be like every other year, where at the end of the day, the only thing you strike off your list is the year itself. Can this year really make a difference? If you really want to make a change, what you need is not another to-do list as usual, but something that will make you stick to your resolutions. Martial arts can be that wonder word for you: something that you can take up to fulfill your dreams and goals.

New Goals, New You: Martial Arts for the New Year
How exactly does martial arts help you to achieve your resolutions and dreams? It works because its influence touches all aspects of your life including your health, fitness, mental well-being, social life, personal life and work. However you want to transform yourself, martial arts is there for you. A few hours of martial arts a week can do much:

 * It can help you to keep your health and fitness resolutions, keep your blood sugar level and lipid profile in check and make you a younger person. It can also help you to shed those extra pounds. You can flaunt your body and wear your favorite outfits again!

* Martial arts helps you to control anger and stress. You can finally stop being that one among every five Americans who face extreme stress according to American Institute of Stress.

* If confidence building is your New Year goal, martial arts can lead you. Forget all those failed public speeches and lost jobs – martial arts can transform you to a confident new self.

* Parties and social life may not be for you, but it is literally impossible to live as a recluse in today’s mediated world. Martial arts can teach you the warmth of companionship and social bonds. Perhaps this New Year is the time to turn a new leaf!

* Have you decided to live a better personal life in 2016? Shallow relationships, lack of family bonding and loveless personal life are all staples of many of our lives. Martial arts can tell you how to be more caring and happy in personal bonds. 

* At least some of you must have decided to be more dedicated to your work in the New Year. Whether it is studies or job, martial arts can teach you a lot of values that can make you committed to your work. Dedication, hard work, punctuality and persistence are some of them.

Change is in the Air: New You through Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts
Bruce McCorry’s Academy has some amazing New Year programs offered by professional martial artists. The academy lets you to choose from a wide range of courses including Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Karate, XMA, MMA and similar courses. Another professional wing, specially devoted to Kickboxing is a unique venture at Bruce McCorry’s, home of the In addition, children can opt for time-saving and useful courses like the ever popular Afterschool Program and Little Ninjas Program. Preschoolers, seniors and specially abled people can find apt programs to suit their personal needs at the academy and adults of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy a host of exciting martial art programs suited for your needs.  Think this year and surprise yourself in 2016 by achieving your New Year goals through Bruce McCorry’s martial arts!  

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