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Martial Arts for Recovery and Rehabilitation from Drug Issues

Martial Arts for Recovery and Rehabilitation from Drug Issues
written by:  Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

It has been one year since the Substance Abuse Ministry pointed out that the teenage drug abuse in Massachusetts has risen above the national average. It's not a very happy picture that you see if you look a closer look at the data of drug abuse among either teenagers or adults. But the positive news which we cannot afford to miss is that there is a larger number of drug abuse victims now willing to report their problems, seek help and desire to be rehabilitated. Can we think of a powerful and efficient way out of drug addiction? Perhaps, martial arts can fill this void.

Teenage Drug Addiction: How Martial Arts can Help
If we trace the roots of teenage drug addiction, we will see that teenagers themselves are not always to be blamed. Dysfunctional families, peer pressure, hazing and street violence are pointed out as the major triggers that push teenagers into drug addiction. Among girls, drug-induced sexual violence is also on a rise. All this points to the specific teenage mindset where there is an overabundance of energy and spirit, but no proper channels to vent them out. That's where martial arts can be of help. It can direct the attention of teenagers to positive and productive activities and give them the strength to stand up to family problems and classroom crises.

Adults and Drug Addiction: Martial Arts as a Way Out
Most of the adult drug abuse instances indicate a history of addiction that leads back to the teenage. However, adult drug abuse is more intensified because, over time, the user naturally develops a de-sensitivity to a particular drug, and becomes inclined to take more of it to get intoxicated. Cases of drug-induced violence are more calculated and more damaging in adult drug abuse. As in the case of teenagers, adults too can find martial arts a productive aid that will give them the mental strength to recover from addiction.

Recovery and Rehabilitation through Martial Arts
Martial art works wonders in the lives of those who want to recover from drug addiction.
* It gives them the will power and mental strength to stick on to their rehab resolution 

* By de-stressing and calming them, martial arts can help to deal with withdrawal symptoms 

* Martial arts training will put the excess physical energy to efficient use and prevent drug victims from resorting to drugs 

* Martial arts training can improve the release of hormones like endorphin and adrenalin which will rejuvenate the drug victims and will help them to stay off the addiction more easily 

* At a professional martial art institutions like Bruce McCorry's Academy, socializing and companionship gets a lot of importance. An encouraging companion group is the best medicine for recovery. 

* Educated and experienced martial arts instructors will guide you to the right martial arts that can physically and mentally soothe you. It's the best antidote to improve your mental strength.

The golden mantra to recover from any addiction is this: for a while if you fell into the habit of drugs, it does not mean that recovery is impossible. With the help of friends, family and a powerful companion like martial arts, you can definitely make a comeback. What matters is the resolution and the willingness to make a change. Once it is there, martial arts can lead you back to normal life once again. 

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