Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Jedi Knight Martial Arts

Awaken the Jedi Knight within You through Martial Arts

written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Have you ever found yourselves admiring the Jedi Knights while watching Star Wars? Or simply being interested in the sleek moves and the glorious action that keeps you glued to the screen? Keeping aside your teenage dreams to be a Jedi Knight, it might suggest that you have an aptitude for martial arts in itself. Martial arts is the closest that you can get to in order to be a modern-day Jedi Knight. And if you really think about it, getting to be strong and swift like a Jedi Knight is only one among the many benefits that martial arts will bring to you.

The Martial Art Legacy in Star Wars: The Fact behind the Jedi Knight Fiction
If you are an ardent Star Wars fan, you might already know from trivia that the 2-millenium-old legacy of true martial arts had been a genuine inspiration in the characterization of Jedi Knights. If you watch close, there are three broad areas of martial arts that have inspired the action sequences of Jedi Knights. The part where lightsaber comes in, allies with the weaponry training in martial arts. Other than that, the striking and grappling combats are also frequently portrayed in Star Wars. You will get to learn the basics of these training methods if you choose to learn the fundamentals of martial arts. Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing, Karate and Taekwondo are some of those martial arts whose moves bear similarity to the striking combat style of Jedi Knights. Other martial arts like fending and judo are also influential.

The Martial Arts Jedi Knight in You: Can You Really Do It?
There's much more to martial arts than fulfilling your fandom fancies. Martial arts can definitely make you swift, sleek and strong like a Jedi Knight. But it will also bring to you a whole lot of surprise gifts. A healthy life, stronger physique, a confident attitude and a stress-free disposition are some reasons to study martial arts. 

The roots of most martial arts date back to a past of 3000 years. Having taken their birth among the warrior societies and saintly monasteries of Asia, they combine the spiritual depth of human soul and the confident strength of self-defense. This combination of having the ability to stand up for yourself and possessing the wisdom of when to do it is something martial arts alone can teach you.

Awaken Your Inner Jedi Knight with Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
Your ideal martial art school should be able to give you professional instruction in the martial art of your choice, and maximum freedom to explore and enjoy what you learn. Before you chose a martial art, take a close look at the courses offered, the experience of the instructors and the reputation of the school itself.

That's why Bruce McCorry's Academy might strike you as a unique name among martial art schools. At the academy, you will encounter a constructive atmosphere where you can freely choose the art of your liking and choose to explore it under the guidance of experienced teachers. For forty years, Bruce McCorry's Academy has proved its strength and dedication in the field of martial arts. There's no better place where you can awaken the Jedi Knight within you.  The force is with you!

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