Saturday, March 12, 2016

Martial Arts - NEVER about Violence

Martial Arts is not about violence, and never should be! 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Thanks to the popularity of Hollywood movies which have found their staple motif in martial arts, many people wrongly interpret martial arts as an inherently violent activity. Action movies might have relied again and again on martial arts to make their sequences appealing. But in reality, martial arts have nothing to do with violence. It is not about violence, and it should never be. It is time we understood the reality behind this seemingly violent mask of martial arts.

Martial Arts: A Peaceful and Non-Violent Way of Living
The swift physical movements and punches are the reason behind the popular image of martial arts as a violent act. If we take a look into history, we can see that these physical moves have their origins in the self-defense techniques practiced by warriors. Even at this point, these were defensive and not offensive in nature.

Over time, when the military importance declined in societies, we can see that every martial art passed through the hands of great spiritual masters and sages. This is true for almost all of the Asian martial arts. This spiritual dimension has strengthened the core philosophy of each martial art. 

Unlike their military origins, this spiritual heritage imbued martial arts with values of mutual respect, peaceful competition and companionship. The physical moves came to be practiced either for health-related reasons, or in friendly matches between learners. This is the heritage of martial arts we have inherited by the 21st century.

Children and Value Education - Martial Arts for Peaceful Living
If you still wonder whether martial arts will turn your kids into incessant fighters, you need to see what does martial arts actually teach children.
* It teaches them to be respectful and courteous not just to friends, but also to opponents
* It teaches them sportsmanship and the positive spirit of giving up to others
* Martial arts will give them opportunity to taste the joy of success, and will teach them to stand up in the face of failures

But this is not to say that martial arts do not teach how to fight. Martial arts make children stronger, and give them the strength and knowledge to fight an opponent. But it also teaches them whom to fight and in what circumstances. The values instilled by martial arts will give them the wisdom to use their strength only when they need to defend themselves. It is at this moment that the defensive and spiritual heritages of martial arts find their true purpose.

Take in the Best of Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's!
Only an institution which has taken in the spirit of martial arts in its right sense can teach your children the peaceful and non-violent values of martial arts. At Bruce McCorry's Academy, under expert instructors, you and your family can learn the best of non-violent martial arts. 

For four decades, Bruce McCorry's Academy has upheld that the ultimate aim of martial arts is to unite people and not to divide them. Hence we believe that no school dedicated to the true spirit of martial arts can promote violent and competitive behavior for the sake of profit. It is this positive spirit that has made the Academy the most popular when it comes to martial arts in Massachusetts. Now you too can be a part of the experience. 

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