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Perfect After School Program Peabody MA

Perfect After School Program - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 

Enrollment for September classes are open now. 
Please contact us promptly to guarantee seats.
(978) 535-7878

We proudly offer Transportation from the Schools to the Academy.

16 years ago, Sandra Feldman, the former president of American Federation of Teachers pointed out that our education system needs to create more learning time for those kids who are actually in need of it. What she pointed to was the inadequacy of school education to meet the needs of children, or to provide enough time for their overall development. As an answer, the last two decades have witnessed the emergence of thousands of extended learning programs that let children learn at their own pace skills which are ignored by school curriculums. The most popular of these courses are after school programs, thanks to their convenient time slot and their many advantages.

Bruce McCorry’s After School Martial Arts: Extended Learning with a Difference
The hunt for an after school program that really makes a difference has led many parents to Bruce McCorry’s Academy. After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) was born out of the conviction that martial art, when taught at the afterschool hours, has many added benefits for the children. Here are some of the highlights of the Bruce McCorry’s course that makes it the perfect after school program for your child:

* AMP has the unique fusion of physically vibrant martial arts and mentally refreshing activities. It energizes your child after a tiring school day and helps to refresh his/her brain and body.

* AMP is a daily compensation for the lack of physical activities. Children who practice daily martial art develop enhanced immunity level and a strong, fit, healthy body. 

* There are many values ingrained to the structure of a course like AMP. Discipline, self-restraint, cooperation, friendship and trust are some of them. It is a holistic program for character formation.

* Confidence and courage are two core values of this course. AMP gives children the courage to present themselves before a crowd, defend their opinions, and stand up for their beliefs. 

* Unsurprisingly, AMP has helped kids to resist a number of challenges in their everyday lives such as peer pressure, stress from school work and bullying. It will also teach them how to face challenging situations in the years to come.

* Children at the AMP develop social skills as the Academy provides a socially alive campus where children can interact with their instructors, senior students, same-aged peers and younger children.

* Ultimately, afterschool martial arts help children to shine in all walks of their life. It is particularly beneficial for a better performance in academics, sports and athletics.

Martial Arts and More: Bruce McCorry’s AMP for Success
While most after school programs confine themselves to a single field, Bruce McCorry’s AMP is different. Martial art sessions are definitely the life of the program, however, it also blends in activities, exercises for personality development, lessons for self-improvement and playtime. With added offers like transport facility, it is the safest and the most secure space for your child to spend his/her afterschool hours.

Designed by veteran educators, AMP is a first-grade skill development course that has recognition all over United States. There is no doubt that this is a much eligible alternative to standard afterschool daycare. Only at Bruce McCorry's, www,

Make this one choice, which can define your child’s success in the days to come! 

Enrollment for September classes are open now. 
Please contact us promptly to guarantee seats.
(978) 535-7878

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