Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program

Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program - The Best Choice for Safety and Success

There are two wishes that cross the lips of every parent who sends their child to school for the first time. One, their little champs should be safe, and two, they should succeed. Safety and success are the two words we wish upon every child we care for. Your children's daily school is not perhaps capable on its own to ensure their safety and success. What your kids need is a powerful ally who can guide them to success and who can teach them how to look after their own safety. What your child needs is afterschool martial arts.

Safety and Security: Choose the Best at Bruce McCorry's
If you want to do that extra bit for your children's safety and success, the best choice before you is the Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy's Afterschool Program.

What does the afterschool program have in advantage compared to a regular martial art program? Afterschool hours are exactly the time when your child needs that extra bit of concern and care to ensure his/her safety. Roaming in the streets or loitering in public places can pose grave danger to your child. According to the Office of Justice Programs, juvenile crimes, street crimes and alcohol-drug abuse are the highest during afterschool hours. While the juvenile crime data for non-school days touches a high-mark of 30, it is as high as 70 on a school day. Afterschool time is definitely the villain. For a secure childhood, spending the afterschool hours home alone is an equally bad idea. Home alone time, especially for kids below 12 years of age, are the hours when accidents from fire, water and electricity are most common.

The Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Program (AMP) is a safe refuge from all these. In every way, a secure and safe childhood is the priority for the academy. Along with offering a safe retreat in afterschool hours, the AMP equips the children to defend themselves if they are caught in a situation of emergency. The best part of the AMP is that, even though the academy teaches self-defense applicable in real-life circumstances, it is imparted in extremely safe and harmless contexts, under the supervision of experts and helpers.

Success and Victory: The Bruce McCorry's Way
The afterschool martial art program or AMP is the all-rounder ally that will help your kid to excel in school in particular and life in general.

The AMP helps your child to find his/her inner strength in academic and athletic fields. Martial art is scientifically proven to sharpen the faculties of human brain such as memory and discerning skills. Martial arts impart social skills, self-confidence and courage to your children. These are of extreme use in the learner-centric, interactive classrooms of today, where competence is the norm and the virtue. Martial arts equally hone the athletic and physical skills of children. At the Bruce McCorry's afterschool program with a nationally approved curriculum and experienced teachers, your child gets the best of these benefits.

Bruce McCorry's AMP is your child's pathway to success in life. It tells them how to be strong in self-defense, how to be confident individuals who do not efface themselves in a crisis. Bruce McCorry's AMP teaches your children that the best way to escape a problem is to face it and emerge victorious. 

AMP is for the safety and success of the children of today.
 It's your turn to choose!    

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