Friday, October 14, 2016

Longevity - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Proven Track of Success

Longevity - Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts 
Proven Track of Success

Martial Arts is so much the craze of the times that every year, you will find new and new institutions making their way into the field, promising to be the best in the area. If you look back five years from now, you will find that only a nominal few will have actually managed to hold on to the field. Martial arts is a field which demands genuineness, honesty and commitment, and only those schools which can truly and honestly place the priority on the needs of the learner and the sanctity of the art can last long in the scenario. Others come and go, but the true ones are here to stay.

Longevity: The Hallmark of Genuineness and Success?

When you choose a martial art school, should you consider how long it has been around? The answer is YES!

Of all the activities that you can take up, martial arts is undoubtedly the only one which has a history of centuries. It is also one field which is constantly on the go. This means that most martial arts retain something from its centuries-long past and change in tune with the most recent research on health and fitness. How long a martial art school has been around is a parameter of how it has succeeded in staying true to the genuine tradition of an art and in adapting it to suit the present-day needs and developments. If a school has a long legacy, it also means that the learners have found its lessons useful in their personal lives. Thus, a long heritage is a mark of how much a school prioritizes the learners and earn their love.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts: Proven Track of Success, Since 1978

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy, established in Peabody, MA in 1978 is easily the earliest martial arts school in the area. About to complete four decades of service in the field of martial arts, Bruce McCorry's Academy's story is one of proven success.

The foundation of the academy's success goes back to the expertise and vision which resulted in its birth. Master Bruce McCorry, the founder of the academy is a legend trained in many arts under celebrated veterans like Jhoon Ree. Master McCorry has performed at the Shaolin Temple back in 1982 and in 2002, entered the Martial Art Hall of Fame.

Commencing as a small martial art school in 1978, the academy has grown into one of the foremost martial art schools in MA in these four decades. The committed effort of experienced instructors and the learner-friendly approach have been the success mantras of the academy. In these years, the academy opened new courses, updated the curriculum from time to time, kick-started new wings specifically dedicated to particular arts like kickboxing, and inaugurated special courses in special needs and mind healing.

Today, offering around ten programs in different schemes and patterns intended for preschoolers, school-going children, teens, adults, seniors and people with special needs, Bruce McCorry's is the most versatile presence in Massachusetts martial arts. It is the values of honesty, commitment and open-minded approach that have helped the academy to stay rooted when many other schools which were established around the same time got lost in the pages of history and numerous new schools flourished, as ephemeral as the former. As longevity is a measure of trust, Bruce McCorry's is your ideal martial art destination. Nobody has been around for so long.

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