Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Karate Lessons for Children and Adults

An Incredible Way to Live Life: Karate Lessons for 
Children and Adults at Bruce McCorry’s Academy 

Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - Peabody, Ma

A few months before, the martial art Karate was all over the news, thanks to a senior from Canada. When the 72-year-old cancer survivor, Gloria Smith landed upon nothing less than a black belt in Karate, she was not just defeating her age and her health condition, but she was also winning over life.

When a woman of indomitable determination and resolve like Gloria Smith lauds Karate as a total way of life, it indicates the significance that an art like Karate has in the 21st century. Karate which took birth as a minor martial art in the Japanese isles of Ryukyu has today become a way of life that the world has come to prefer. This is some incredible journey.

An Incredible Way to Live Life: Karate Lessons for Children and Adults at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

Believe it or not, Karate has some actual answers for a number of issues that bother you in your day-to-day life. With the inherited legacy of the Japanese tradition and the wisdom it acquired from martial art veterans throughout centuries, it is an art that can transform your life.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, Massachusetts) offer unique Karate lessons that imbibe the true values that have guided Karate from its early days. Our Karate lessons focus on some of the core values that make Karate distinct in today’s world of hustle and bustle: 

  •  A Martial Art for the Whole Being: Karate is a martial art that can positively transform your body and mind. If learned with care, it can perfect your reflexes and coordination, enhance metabolism, make you agile and at the same time, toned. It can help you to take a break from stress, and calm your mind. A healthy, refreshed body and mind is your reward for genuinely learning Karate. Our Karate lessons try to bring your whole being alive through professional and gentle instruction.
  •  A Martial Art for the Individual and the Society: Karate inspires you from within, by instilling a positive spirit toward the self and fostering self-esteem and confidence in you. But it also tells you how to self-actualize without hampering the lives of others. Some values that Karate teaches are cooperation, respect, admiration and concern for fellow beings. As much as it helps you to defend yourself from negativity, it guides you to embrace and imbibe the positivity in others. 
  •  A Martial Art for Everyone: A third value which guides our lessons is that Karate is for all. If a 72-year-old can get inspired from a great art like Karate, so can a four-year-old who has just stepped into the social world. Whether you are a preschooler, a child martial art learner, a teenager, an adult learner or a senior, you will find Karate enjoyable and inspiring. This guides our lessons which are open to all age groups, in different categories. For people with special needs and people who have survived chronic conditions, Karate can be a real blessing that will lead them back to life. We include everyone because we believe that a good life is everyone’s right.

From beginners who want to check out Karate for the sake of curiosity to professionals who find their life’s passion in the art, Bruce McCorry’s Academy has been the Karate hub of many. Be a part of the once-in-a-lifetime Karate experience that the academy offers.

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