Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Time to Unplug: Kick the Stress with Martial Arts!

Time to Unplug: Kick the Stress with Martial Arts! 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Technology: Stress Buster or Stress Booster?
It is interesting that we have come to equate technology with stress relief. Increasingly in the recent years, our definition of taking a break from stress always leads us to technology. Take a look at the things we have come to define as entertainment, and hence a relief from stress by default: movies, internet, social media, iPod, video games… The question to ask is do they really bust stress? 

Studies do not answer this positively. For instance, stats tell us that:

  •  If we misplace a cellphone, 73% of us feel panicked, 14% feel desperate and 7% sick – a total of 94%.
  •  48% of us feel the need to check social media even after having retired to bed for the day.
  •  Around 11% to 49% of us feel disrupted by electronic notifications during eating, using the bathroom or during a meeting 
  •  44% of us find it difficult to sleep if we don’t take the cellphone to bed with us.

This shows that we have come to live in the age of technology addiction. Technology today causes much more anguish and torment to people than the relief it is believed to provide. The consequences of technology addiction include

  •  Withdrawal symptoms - as in the case of any addiction - that can lead to serious issues like depression
  •  Gradual shrinking of the brain, which can eventually reach dangerous levels – as much as 20%
  •  Not being interested in the world outside technology
  •  Strained relationships with friends and family
  •  Health issues such as obesity that proceed from physical inactivity 

Each time you find a technology addict describing himself/herself using words such as insecure, desperate, lonely, anguished or messed up, it reminds you of the reality: it is finally time for us to unplug.

Unplug from Technology and Kick the Stress with Martial Arts
This leaves us a crossroad. If we genuinely cut down the usage of cellphones, television, internet, tablets and laptop, what remains? Tired from work or study, what do we turn to for relief? 

Of all the healthy and refreshing ways to entertain ourselves and relieve stress, the top place definitely goes to martial arts. Martial art is the only pastime that can at once work toward your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It begins in physical movements, breath exercises and practice, but it gradually fills your mind, body and soul, touching every aspect of your life in a positive way.

Martial art lessons at a qualified martial art school like Bruce McCorry’s is an example of how you can actually achieve stress-relief through a physically refreshing and healthy pastime. In martial arts, you will find the most fun alternate to a number of things that you simply hate in life. With martial arts in your life, there is no more need to worry about working out or dieting. With martial arts at your side, you will no more fall short of expectations in your school or work. No more will you be burdened by lack of confidence or lifestyle-related health issues.  

It is time to say no to technological entertainment that ruins your mental calm. Instead, say yes to martial arts - the most enjoyable and easy-to-do way to escape from stress!

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