Friday, April 21, 2017

The Dangers of Bullying: The Dirty Details that Everyone Must Know

The Nightmare of Bullying: Dangers, Consequences and Solutions
Written by Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy
(Peabody, Massachusetts)

Recent research in educational psychology has proved that a healthy and peaceful emotional life in the school years is an important factor that determines the kind of human being that your child will grow up into. The sad reality is that such a peaceful childhood is not something that most children get to enjoy these days. The greatest threat to a peaceful school life in the 21st century is nothing other than the nightmare of bullying. As long as bullying continues to be an inescapable reality of our classrooms, we all need to fight a battle to ensure emotionally peaceful and rich school life for our children.

The Dangers of Bullying: The Dirty Details that Everyone Must Know

Even today, there are adults who are not much bothered about bullying because they believe that it would not impact their kids beyond their school years. But this is wrong. It is important to take a look at the dirty details of bullying and bust many such adult myths. Here are some of them:

  • Bullying is not a temporary problem that a child will get over after the school years. Its negative impacts could last a lifetime. There are people who suffer from lack of confidence, shyness and depression through their lives because they encountered or engaged with bullying in childhood.
  • Bullying could result in consequences that demand professional help. The aftereffects of bullying could be anything from lack of enthusiasm and loss of confidence to depression. It is a major factor that results in teen suicide attempts. Sometimes it is important to get medical or psychiatric help if your kid is being bullied or is a bully.
  • Unlike what many people believe, bullying harms the bully as much as the victim. Therefore the usual adult approach in which we support the victim and punish the bully should be discouraged. Both the victim and the bully should be given help that can assist them from within.
  • Bullying is not restricted to classrooms. We often think that children are not under the threat of bullying when they are out of schools. But every unsupervised space where children get together presents the chance of bullying. This could be anywhere, anytime: the transport to and from the school, afterschool hours, parties, parks, sleepovers. Bullying could happen even within one's home, among siblings or cousins and let's not forget to mention CYBER-BULLYING, where the bullying take it to even further levels, ONLINE!.

A Right Solution: Martial Arts to Fight Bullying

Only a solution that which addresses all of these concerns can ideally prevent bullying. Martial arts could be such a solution. Martial arts prepares the victim physically and mentally to stand up for themselves and others. This is the only way to prevent bullying that might happen at any unsupervised space or circumstance. In professional martial arts programs for kids like the ones offered by Bruce McCorry's Academy, the syllabus specifically focuses on self-defense to help kids to combat bullying. Here, martial arts helps to fight against bullying in two ways: it makes a potential victim more confident, whereas it helps to temper a potential bully by directing his/her energy to positive pursuits.  Martial arts training is the only way you can make sure that your child lives a stress-free childhood, free of the threat of bullying. 

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