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Four Decades of Success: Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy 
Pick the Best and Train with the Best 
 Since 1978
Peabody, Ma

                          Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy 

Martial arts are a field that has flux as its norm. It changes every moment. The trends of today are not the trends of tomorrow, the techniques of the moment might be obsolete in the next. Every year, new research and new experiments rewrite what is preferable or not preferable in martial arts. In a constantly changing field like this, a martial art school with a long legacy is a proof of being genuine, committed to values, up-to-date and always among the best. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts is a name that you cannot surpass if your aim is to train with the best.

Four Decades of Success: The Past of Bruce McCorry’s
It was in 1978 that Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts was established at Peabody, MA, born of the passion and the shared enthusiasm of Master Bruce McCorry, a young but experienced martial artist and a few other like-minded trainers. It started off as a start-up venture in the field of martial arts and soon went on to make itself a known name in the martial art circles. Over the years, the academy’s genuine commitment to the benefits of the learners encouraged the trainers to keep themselves updated with the changing martial arts scenario. As a result, new programs were started, stronger curriculums that reflected the newest research were introduced, new wings were commenced and a core body of experienced staff was built up. Master McCorry’s own international acclaims added grace to the school which had grown into the foremost martial arts academies of the state.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy at the Present: The Hub of Modern Martial Arts
Bruce McCorry’s Academy’s policy to balance the best of the ancient heritage and modern discoveries has helped it to evolve many professional courses for children, women, men, seniors and others.

  • The after-school and summer martial arts for children are two core programs with approved curriculum, aimed at training children in essential martial arts to achieve goals like academic success, health, athletic nature and self-defense. The programs prioritize the physical and mental development of children in their phase of growth.
  • Teenagers, adults and seniors, both men and women, have a wide selection of martial art courses to choose from. Some of the pioneering programs are in Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, MMA and XMA. The programs aim at goals like fitness, weight-loss, health and self-defense. The bustling, inclusive campus of the academy is therefore the best space where you can also meet and socialize with people of your age and interests and be motivated in your goals by them.
  • Those above 13 years of age can join the adult martial arts program, a perfect syllabus-driven course which you can take up as a professional foray into martial arts or just for fun. Martial arts for adults aim to resolve the concerns that accompany the onset of adulthood, such as health loss, obesity, ageing and stress.
  • The Little Ninja’s Program is a special preschooler’s course that targets the holistic growth of kids in preschool years through martial arts. The program emphasizes the physical development, growth of social skills, character shaping and building of personality. However the safety and comfort of children are prime concerns of the academy
  • The Special Needs Program is an inventive and inclusive course that helps people with special needs to achieve a better life and health through martial arts. A rare course with a noble aim, it is a program has transformed the destinies of many learners from around the state.

 Each course at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is a customized experience where adept instructors will cater to your personal needs, concerns and goals. 

                 Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy 
Now it is your time to pick the best 
and train with the best!

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

(978) 535-7878



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