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Kids and Afterschool Dangers: Awareness and Avoidance

Kids and Afterschool Dangers: Awareness and Avoidance

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Being parents, you don’t want the safety of kids compromised in any way. Recently, more and more experts on children’s welfare emphasis that if your kids are not protected and safe in the hours right after their school time, then probably they are susceptible to dangers that you are unaware of. Therefore, ensuring safe and supervised afterschool hours for your children is the best thing you can do for them as parents. A safe and stress-free childhood is what leads to a successful future.

The Dangers of Afterschool Hours: Awareness and Avoidance
Technically, the time from 3 PM to 6 PM is considered as afterschool hours by prominent children’s welfare organizations such as Afterschool Alliance America. Their statistics show that around 25% of all children in the US spend their afterschool hours alone. This poses more than one danger.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, in their 2002 survey, argued that afterschool hours are the time with most number of juvenile crimes. Substance abuse, unsafe sex, cigarette and alcohol usage among children and teenagers were found to be the highest during afterschool hours. YMCA reported that kids who spend their afterschool hours unsupervised are the most likely to bunk school. Afterschool bullying is a topic often touched upon by anti-bullying initiatives, as afterschool hours provide a greater chance when bullies can approach kids without inviting adult attention. Not very surprisingly, even dropout rates after high school were found rather high among students who spent their afterschool hours without supervision.

Protecting Kids and Avoiding Danger: Afterschool Martial Arts for Help
In families with working parents, it is virtually impossible to have kids supervised by adults at home. The only solution to this is an afterschool program. The CASEL analysis of 73 afterschool programs in 2007 found that an afterschool program can measurably help kids with their academic, personal and social skills. But what if your kids can enroll in an afterschool program that not only protects them from afterschool dangers and improves their skills, but also teaches them self-defense and safety? This is where martial art afterschool programs steal the show.

Afterschool martial arts is the ideal choice for your kids if you want them to
  •          Use afterschool hours in the most effective manner
  •          Stay safe and protected until you return from work
  •          Learn basic self-defense to protect themselves
  •          Learn ways to improve confidence and self-esteem
  •          Acquire physical strength, immunity and fitness
  •          Improve their academic, social and personal skills
  •          Get the courage to face challenges and overcome them

Professional afterschool martial art programs function on the basis of a structured curriculum than can help your kid achieve the above goals. A brilliant example is the Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Martial Art Program with a nationally recognized syllabus. Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool is an ideal afterschool martial art course as it equips kids to face dangers, protects them from negative influences, and teaches them the basic skills to be better humans through martial arts. Because it blends martial arts with a number of other useful and formative activities, the Afterschool program can be considered complete character and personality development program all by itself. When you choose an afterschool program for your kid, make sure that you choose the safest and the best.


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